How to Make Sure Your Blog Stands Out

How to Make Sure Your Blog Stands Out

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Make Your Blog Stand Out!

You’ve decided to start blogging, hopefully to earn some extra cash.

Cause who doesn’t want to earn some extra money?

I know I do.

But the thing is, there are millions of other blogs out there. Chances are super high there’s another blog, covering the same things you are, aiming to attract the same audience.

What’s a new blogger to do?

You need to make sure your blog stands out. How do you do that? It starts with determining your niche, and then discovering what will make you different from the others blogs similar to yours. Let’s get started!

If You’ve decided to start blogging, this post will guide you on how to make sure your blog stands out.

Why You Need a Blogging Niche

Your niche is so, so, so important. It’s more than just what you’re going to write about. When you have a clear niche, it will define your blog, not only for you, but for your readers.

Now, let’s start by clarifying one thing. Picking a niche doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write on one topic. There are 2 types of niches, a topic niche and a demographic niche.

Topic blogs do focus on one topic. Whether it be homeschooling or budgeting, these blogs write about one thing.

Demographic blogs focus on one group of people. They may write about multiple topics (think, lifestyle blogs) but all the posts appeal to one demographic. For example, a lifestyle blog for college-aged girls. The blog may write about clothes, makeup, dating, studying, many different topics, but all things a college-aged girl might be interested in.

Why is this important? Writing about one thing, or appealing to one group, is the best way to build a loyal readership. If they love everything you write, they will keep coming back for more.

Picking Your Niche

Your niche should be a combination of 3 things: Your passion, your knowledge and the passion of others.

Ask yourself:

  •         What am I passionate about?
  •         What do I enjoy?
  •          Is there something I could talk about forever?

And also:

  •         What am I skilled at?
  •         What do I know a lot about?                     

Think of where your passions and your knowledge overlap. Not ask yourself:

  •         Are others just as fired up about this too?
  •         Is there a need online for this topic?

You can turn to Google to find other blogs, forums, Facebook groups on the subject to make sure you’re on to something.

Standing Out!

Once you have a niche, you want to differentiate your blog just a little from the rest. You want to give readers a reason to pick your blog over the others.

Think of what you can bring to the table that no other blogger can. Maybe you have specific experience or stories to share? Think of what makes you qualified to write this blog, but also what makes you different.

If you still haven’t found a way to differentiate yourself, look at the top blogs and think of:

  •         Things they are not doing
  •         Topics they are not covering
  •         Small groups or the specific niche they are not catering to
  •         A voice or style they are not portraying

How do these things coincide with your own skills or knowledge and your voice? Could you cover these gaps with enough authority and knowledge?

There’s blogging, and then there’s blogging to stand out. Blogs that stand out gain loyal readers faster, and become more successful. To ensure your own blog is focused and stands out, start by defining your niche. Then determine how you’re going to be different from the other blogs in that niche. By doing these 2 step, you will be ahead of the game and on your way to creating a blog that readers love.


Guest Post by Corinne Kerston

Corinne KerstonCaffeine addict, yoga lover, blog strategist. Corinne helps others find their freedom from the trial and error of being successful online. Her goal is to help others get over the frustration of not knowing what to do, and help them find their own best strategies for growth. Connect with Corinne on her website or on her free Facebook group, the Blog Building Lab, just for bloggers like you!

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4 thoughts on “How to Make Sure Your Blog Stands Out”

  1. Hey Corinne!

    Great post about finding your niche. It’s hard for a lot of bloggers to find a niche. For me, it’s not finding a niche, but keeping it up you know! I’ve been writing on ElnaCain for two years about freelance writing and after a while, I lost my mo-jo! Trying to come with topics in the same niche can be hard after a while.

    I think that’s why I partly started Twins Mommy. A new niche, new creative juices flowing and new topics and inspiration. This helped me with creating topics for my other blog!

  2. I find it interesting that you were re-energized by starting a new blog. I would have a hard time focusing on the first blog once I got excited about the new blog. I am glad that it worked out for you and you can do both, I so enjoy reading your posts!

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