Why it’s hard to write your own sales copy

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A friend was complaining to me the other day asking, “Why is it so hard to write your own sales copy?”  

My reply to her was, “Because we’ve been taught not to brag about ourselves.”

When you sit down to write copy about yourself, it feels so much like bragging, you feel like you are saying you’re the best thing since sliced bread.  

And that gets uncomfortable.  

So how do you write your own sales copy?

The short answer… you don’t.

It’s so important to consider hiring a copywriter when you are putting out a new product or service is because we are conditioned not to brag about ourselves. But when you hire a copywriter, they can brag about you all day long. So it’s a really great way to get copy that really shows you off. 

It shows off your expertise.  

It shows off your knowledge.  

It lets somebody else write those words that put you in the spotlight without making you feel like you’re a sleazy salesman who is just trying to sell something.  

  • Copy needs to brag. 
  • It needs to show you AND your offer off. 
  • And that’s hard to do yourself.  

Everyone seems to think it’s the tech, the upsell, the one time offer, the funnel that makes the sale. But you know what really makes the sale?

Your copy. 

And my conversion copy projects have gotten some pretty amazing results…

  • 14x ROI on a Facebook Ad
  • Tripwire sales tripling overnight
  • Email open rates going from 10% to over 30%

Trying to do it yourself can lead to downplaying what you are offering and that means few (or no!) sales. 

Why it's hard to write your own sales copy.

How I learned to write good sales copy

When I first started trying to learn how to write copy, I was so uncomfortable. It felt so hard to go into that salesperson mode.  

I actually ended up hiring a copywriter coach, because I was struggling so bad with writing good copy. The coach was awesome. He really pushed me through, he really helped me see that with practice, and trying out different formulas and ways of talking about your product that you could get to the point where you could talk about yourself.

Writing about my own products is still my least favorite copy to write. I love writing copy for clients because it gives me a chance to brag about how awesome my clients are.  

You get into the mode of thinking about what their offer and people are making absolutely amazing things.  

So if you sit down to write your copy, and you are thinking about, “How do I say this without coming off as bragging?” or, “Man, I feel like all I’m doing is pushing, pushing pushing,” then it’s a great time to have somebody else come in and take a look at your copy.  

You might have a good base down, you might have the basics of your course or program. But if you are not able to get into that bragging mode, your copy probably is not going to connect with people.  

If you’re not getting the sales you want during your launches, it might be time for you to let someone else do the bragging for you. 

Then, you can focus on your zone of genius – serving clients.

If you are looking to launch something and you want somebody to take a look at your copy, hit me up for a free discovery call. We can take a look at what you’ve got, and we can see how we can make it better. 

Why it's hard to write your own sales copy and what you should do instead for better conversions.

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