how to write highly-converting headlines

How to Write High-Converting Headlines For Your Sales Pages

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Your sales page is one of the most important tools to help sell your products. You want your sales copy to convert. One of the best ways to make this happen is by optimizing your headlines. Creating highly-converting headlines for sales pages is my specialty and there are a few things I do to make my sales page headlines stick out from the rest. 

The 80/20 Rules of Headlines

But first, I’m sure you’re wondering what the benefit of placing so much emphasis on your headlines would be. Doesn’t your entire sales copy as a whole matter? If you’re passionate about what you’re selling, you’ll likely want to get to the meat and potatoes of your message.

While this is only normal, you’ll also want to pay attention to the 80/20 rule of headlines. 

According to the 80/20 rule 8 out of 10 readers never make it past the headline. This means if 10 people come to your sales page, it’s likely that only 2 of them will read the copy below your headline. If you want to improve your odds, the solution is simple: write highly-converting headlines

The headlines on your sales page often serve as that one opportunity to capture people’s attention and persuade them to stick around for your entire message. Here’s what I do to write more high-converting headlines for sales pages.

Consider the Biggest Pain Point(s)

The person who’s visiting your sales page and is interested in buying your product or service has a pain point they need addressed. Perhaps they have multiple pain points. 

Think about how the product or service helps people and brainstorm a list of pain points they are likely dealing with. List as many as you can and narrow down the one you think is going to get and keep most people on that page. This should be included in your headline.

Mention the pain point clearly in your headline or in sub-headings because you want people to realize that this can help them if they’ve landed on the sales page. I always like to brainstorm at least 25 different headlines when I’m sitting down to write a sales page. 

Doing this gives makes it easier to write highly-converting headlines and come up with new words and phrases. 

Choose a Captivating Headline Formula

Think about which headlines really stop you in your tracks. It’s not by coincidence that this happens. I’ve found that some of the most popular headline formulas are how-tos or questions. I like to use the same language in the headline or sub-heading that helps people identify whether the product or service is for them. 

Self-identifying language is really helpful for weeding out people who the product isn’t perfect for. For example, if you’re trying to attract new moms, you’re not going to talk about the latest sports car.

However, you may talk about how some moms feel like they don’t have any free time. So there’s going to be a difference in the language you use depending on who you’re trying to attract. 

You can ask them a question like: ‘Are you suffering from this?‘ Or ‘How to get your baby to sleep during the night.’ Most moms would like to know the answer to this, right? If someone lands on your sales page and is intrigued by your strategic headlines, they’re going to keep reading.

Another thing you can talk about is what sort of grand desire they might have and how you can help them achieve it. If a travel enthusiast sees a headline that says: ‘Are you dreaming of traveling the world?’ They may stick around to see what you have to say about making this dream a reality. 

how to write highly-converting headlines

Look at Power Words to Write Highly-Converting Headlines

After I’ve brainstormed a ton of headlines, I start looking at power words. Power words are those words that are going to get an emotion out of people. Those emotions could be excitement and joy or hate and frustration. 

Certain words make you feel something and emotion can drive people to move forward and take action. 

I have a list of power powers words available within free download my guide, How to Write Highly-Converting Headlines. Use this tool to learn more about headline formulas and utilize the list of power words at the very end.

Action Steps

  • Start by brainstorming your headlines. Then add in the power words. Ask yourself questions like: How can I punch this up? How can I make it have more emotion? How can I really grab people’s attention by using words that prey on their emotions?
  • If your copy is drawing out some negative emotions, make sure you don’t leave readers in a negative place. Explain how there’s a solution. Offer hope that what they are dreaming of accomplishing can be done. 

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