How I Use Copy Blocks to Write Effective Sales Pages emma lee bates

How I Use Copy Blocks to Write Effective Sales Pages

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You’ve put together a great product. It takes a lot of time to gather information and materials for lessons, workbooks and to construct a quality product offering. You’re probably a good writer and know a lot about your topic. Still, you may struggle when it’s time to write effective sales pages.

However, when it comes to actually selling your product, that can be hard. Talking about yourself and your offer is really hard because you’re too close to it and likely can’t be as objective.

You probably don’t want to sound like you’re bragging too much which is common when you’re tasked with the responsibility of having to write effective sales pages for your products.

So What Can You Do?

The first solution may be to hire a copywriter because working with someone whose job is to write effective sales pages would be the best idea to help you draw out the features and benefits.

One thing you can do is work with a copywriter because their sole job is to write copy. Working with someone who’s not personally and emotionally tied to the product would be the best idea to draw out the features and benefits. 

Have someone talk about the desires of your customer. Working with a copywriter is also an easy way for you to just talk and have someone turn your thoughts and ideas into really good copy.

However, not everyone has the budget to hire a copywriter so you may have to save your budget for something else – especially if this is your first product and you’re trying to watch expenses. 

How Can You Learn to Write Effective Sales Pages?

The alternative would be to write your own copy. Conversion copy is not like other writing (blog posts, articles, etc). You really need to write in a certain way if you want to convince people to buy your product. So you need to educate yourself. Learn what conversion copy is and how you can use it to talk about your product.

The first thing you want to look at is: What is the problem you’re solving. 

Keep asking ‘why’. Look at the first level of the problem then try to go deeper. Keeping asking yourself why people have this problem and where it stems from.

It usually boils down to 3 things:

  • They need more time
  • They need more money
  • They need better relationships

Almost everything boils down to one of these things. Once you get to that point when you know what that deep dark pain is for people, that’s when you can finally start writing. 

This should be the focus of your sales page. You should be really telling people you know what their pain is. You know that it needs to be solved. Then it can transition into what they desire.

If that problem was solved, what would their life be like?

Creating Copy Blocks

I remember when I was trying to learn about conversion copy – it felt like every time I got something down on a sheet of paper it felt like it was worthless and I needed to start again. Nothing ever connected. It never felt like I was truly writing one piece of copy.

I embraced this and realized I’m not writing just one piece of copy. I need to write about all these different things then bring it together to create the sales page.

I divided it up into blocks. 

I had my fear block about all about the pain points including hat they’re suffering from right this minute that needs to be solved. 

Then there was the desires block which was all about their pie in the sky dreams. What would life be like if they didn’t have to suffer from that pain point anymore?

After that was the features block talked about the features of the offer. I made sure to clearly highlight the benefits talked about the different outcomes they would receive after trying the offer.

Breaking it down to the blocks made me realize that all of these templates you see (sales page, emails) are all doing the same thing. When you focus on individual pieces of copy that you need for sales pages, emails, social media copy, and Facebook ads, these pieces of copy can be used over and over again as long as you can sit down and write the,.

You’ll need to get rid of that fear of the blank page and you need to focus on: “What do I need to say in this individual piece of copy that then can be used with other pieces of copy to put together a whole?” Blocks are really just a great way to dive into conversion copy and learn all you can about how to write effective sales pages.

Become a Master at Writing Sales Copy

If you’re interested, I have a course called Sales Page Secrets and it goes through the 7 central copy blocks that you need for any piece of conversion copywriting whether it’s your sales page or a whole sales funnel.

Just click here to learn more and see everything that’s included.

I think one of the key things that I have learned as a copywriter is that everything is really templates and formulas. Learning those templates and formulas are great, but what you really need to do is understand what they’re trying to have you accomplish by writing in them.

Because when somebody hands you a template and you just try to fill it out, you’re not really going to be speaking to that ideal customer. You’re not going to be really focused on their pain points. When you understand that this part of the template is asking you to focus on their pain point, it’s asking you to really make them feel that pain, that’s when you start to create sales copy that converts. 

That’s when your template really starts to sing. So if you’re tired of templates that you have no idea how to fill out, I hear you. If you’re ready to write effective sales pages, I really encourage you to check out Sales Page Secrets.

How I Use Copy Blocks to Write Effective Sales Pages emma lee bates

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