Work-Life Balance ideas and tips for the WAHM

Creative Ways to Find a Better Work-Life Balance

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Work-Life Balance for the WAHM

The kids have had swim lessons the last two weeks which meant we were at the beach for four hours a day. We have all been exhausted when we get home in the afternoon.

I am happy to have them outside and active, but it means my business gets put on hold. It is hard to find a work-life balance when you are never home!

I have considered trying to get up earlier than my kids but they are pretty early risers and I like my sleep. Or maybe working later into the night, but I am so tired at the end of the day that I really don’t get much done if I stay up. So…what is a busy mom to do?

Need better balance in your life? This post had some great creative suggestions for better work-life balance for WAHMs. I tried #3 and felt a difference immediately!


Technology Can Help…

The first thing I have done that seems to be helping is to add an app called Stay Focused to Chrome. It allows you to set time limits for certain sites.

Facebook has become a habit for me. I turn on the computer and head right for Facebook. So, I have limited Facebook to two hours a day. This helps me to, well stay focused. I am still on Facebook, but with a time limit, I am not lingering.

Another option is the News Feed Eradicator. This Chrome app gets rid of your feed in Facebook and replaces it with one quote. You can still log in to do work but you won’t be distracted by what everyone else is posting.

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but So Can Old-fashioned Writing.

Have you heard of the Bullet Journal? I had never heard of these until last week but am quickly finding it a wonderful way to keep lists, track my goals and schedule.

It is a blank book that you can use as a planner, to-do list, journal, and creative outlet. I can throw it in my bag to bring with me anywhere, which means I can quickly write down that great idea or task I might forget otherwise.

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There are some amazing journalers out there on Instagram and Pinterest. I am getting really inspired to be creative in my journal. Boho Berry has some amazing posts about Bullet Journaling. I like how this helps me organize and be creative at the same time.

One of the best parts of the Bullet Journal is using it to empty my head. I feel so much calmer and ready to sleep when I take 10 minutes at the end of the day and write down all the little task, ideas, and worries that are floating around in my mind.

There is something about actually picking up a pen and putting it to paper that clears out my mind so much better than using a computer or my phone. Plus, crossing things off the list is SO satisfying!

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Turn off those notifications!

Phone notifications can interrupt what focused time you do have. Hearing that little !ding! turns me into the dog from Up. (Squirrel!)

Take a few minutes and turn off all the notifications you can find. It took me a few days to figure out what certain noises where connected to on my phone.

I still get notified of emails and Facebook messages on the top notification bar but they no longer make a noise. It is so nice to put the phone down and know I won’t be distracted when working or playing with my kids.

Find your work-life balance

Get a hobby

You might think this is a weird section to have in a post about work-life balance but there has been nothing better for my focus and attitude towards work than picking up painting again.

Having a hobby you enjoy and make time for is so good for your mental health. It is hard to give yourself permission to make time for fun but so important. So I am going to do it for you.


Sorry to yell at you but it had to be done. It is like the analogy of being in an airplane and putting on your oxygen mask first. Taking the time to doing something you enjoy and is just for you will clear your head and make you more focused on your work AND your family.

These things have all helped me to find a better work-life balance. It will never be perfect and will always be changing but is an important part of being both a good mom and a good business owner.

What are your best work-life balance tips?

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2 thoughts on “Creative Ways to Find a Better Work-Life Balance”

  1. Killeen McGowan

    Okay – I’m being lured by this bullet journal thing…
    I use for work -begrudgingly- because I like paper lists. (I carry around a notebook and find that I prefer to work out of that more than my online list.) If the bullet journal can be a time-saver, I’d love to add one to my list-living life! 🙂
    Put a bullet in yours to come have coffee with me soon! XO

    1. You need to get on the Bullet Journal train! I am totally addicted, it is keeping me so organized. If you like paper lists it is definitely the perfect solution for you.
      I’m up for coffee anytime!

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