2019 Word of the Year

7 Creative Ways To Incorporate Your Word of the Year into Daily Life

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For the last few years, I’ve been choosing a Word of the Year or Intention Word to help guide my actions. I first heard about it from Crystal Paine at Money Saving Mom, but I think it was originated by Ali Edwards.

2019 Word of the Year

Last year I focused on BALANCE. I added it to the top of my Vision Board for the year and really tried to incorporate it into my daily life.

I really struggle with balance. My tendency is to use all of my energy to work and then I forget to take care of myself.

I’ve come a long way towards a better work/life balance this year. When I get overwhelmed or start to feel burnt out, I am much better about stopping and getting offline which is good for my mental health.

In 2019 I am focusing on CONNECTION. I am such an introvert and really struggle to make meaningful connections with other entrepreneurs.

I want to focus on putting myself out there in the online world and really connecting with other people at a deeper level.

On a more personal level, I also want to foster a deeper connection with my husband and children. I’m going to make family time a priority this year. 

If you need a little inspiration, this is a huge list of words to consider. Take your time to decide on a word. I like to write down a few and think about them for a few days before I chose the final word. 

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Ways to Use Your Word of the Year Every Day

1. Wear your Word

There are so many ways to wear your word of the year on jewelry or clothing now. You can get it stamped on a bracelet, printed on a shirt or even embroidered on a bag.

Find a way to carry your Intention Word with you to remind you what you are improving in your life this year. 

2. Post your Word in plain sight

Add your word to your Vision Board, post it on your bulletin board, write it on a sticky note and stick it to your mirror. 

Find ways to put your word in your everyday environment so that you can see it often. 

Vision Board Business Plan for 2019

3. Journal about your Word

I love this idea from Kimberly at Sublime Reflection. She journaled ways to use her Intention Word in all different aspects of her life.

Use this to create a list of ways you are going to use your word to change different aspects of your life. 

4. Create a list of quotes related to your Word

There are a ton of places to look up quotes by keywords. Make a list of quotes that are related to your keyword and post it somewhere you’ll read it often. 

Or use a different quote each month to inspire you!

5. Use your Word in art projects

You can use your word as inspiration for a drawing or painting. Or like Carolyn at Creativity in Therapy, use your word as the art project! 

You can also incorporate the psychology of color into your art to add even deeper meaning. 

Intention Word

6. Meditate on your Intention Word

Use your word as a mantra during meditation or quiet reflection. You can either repeat your word in time with your breath or meditate on the meaning of your word of the year. 

7. Create a playlist of songs related to your Word

Create a playlist to listen to while you work or exercise. Just Google songs that use your word or use songs that inspire you to act on your word. 

Make sure to pin this post to your favorite Pinterest board so you can refer to it throughout the year!

Have you chosen a Word of the Year? Now what? Learn seven creative ways to incorporate your inspiration word into your daily life. #wordoftheyear #inspiration

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3 thoughts on “7 Creative Ways To Incorporate Your Word of the Year into Daily Life”

  1. Hey Emma,

    This post is just perfect for me at the moment. It’s my first time choosing a word of the year. And I want to make sure that the word inspires me daily – rather than picking it and then forgetting about it. I’m going to start by finding some inspiring quotes about my word – consistency – and post them around the house.

    Thank you, Emma!!

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