9 Women who own unique small businesses

9 Women Running Unique Small Businesses

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Unique Small Business Ideas

I belong to a ton of Facebook Groups for women business owners. I love to see the creative small scale business ideas that these women come up with. It is so inspiring to see the cool and unique small businesses that come out of people’s ideas.

I had the idea of sharing some of these unique business ideas with all of you. All of these women have followed their dreams and started businesses that are truly different.

You never know when an idea will hit you, so read up and get inspired!

9 Women running unique small businesses

Jessica – Henna Caravan

Women with unique small businessesWith a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from California College of Arts, Jessica founded Henna Caravan in 1997. She creates beautiful custom designs inspired by the art of the African and European continents. Her painterly style is distinctive, giving life and movement to every design. Jessica specializes in henna during pregnancy, contemporary styles, and florals.

As the owner and founder of Henna Caravan, Jessica spends the week providing support and education to henna fanatics around the world. As Southern California’s premier henna body art company, Henna Caravan strives to tailor every event to each client’s needs. We can accommodate any size event from the most discerning corporate affair to the intimate party in your home, public events with attendance over 100,000 or individual appointments at our Camarillo studio.

Kristen Wheeler – Balanced Bliss Organizing

Unique Women Business OwnersKristen Wheeler is a mom of two and a Professional Organizer serving Central MA and surrounding areas. She considers a professional organizer to be much like a personal trainer. You could do the work and research organizing solutions on your own but many times it feels like torture. And other times you just don’t maintain the motivation to finish the project. That’s where she comes in. She assists clients with the process from sorting and decluttering to finding creative storage solutions. Plus she can help with refining and maintaining those systems over time. Changing people’s lives through organizing and simplifying brings her great joy.

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Allison Marshall – Wonderlass.com

Allison Marshall - small business ownerAllison is one of those business owners who I never know what she is going to do next. She starts her emails with endearments like, “Why, hello you creative bundle of joy!” and “What’s up you creative cupcake?” Her website is full of fun pictures and really useful information.

Allison’s brand is one to pay attention to if you are a creative entrepreneur who wants to build a highly recognizable brand. You can check out her Strong Brand Mini Course for free!

What she says about her work, “Creating value-filled blog posts, epic live workshops, community, courses and more to help you (along with literally thousands of others) be the boss that you want to be and to get the freedom, fun and fulfillment that you crave in life more than a chocolate covered cupcake!”

Nancy Saahira Tedder – The Orgasmic Witch

NNancy Tedder - women business ownerancy is a qualified intuitive reader who gives accurate psychic readings through reading tarot cards and tasseography (tea leaves and coffee grounds). She is a professional coach who uses her intuition to offer guidance to all of her clients. She encourages them to move in a positive direction and to see every challenge as an opportunity for connection and transformation.
When you schedule your intuitive reading with the Orgasmic Witch, you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers the aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance and illumination.
Nancy holds an MA degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing. She has also completed a Coaching Program from One Taste and is a deep practitioner of Orgasmic Meditation.
Enjoy the gifts of Nancy’s intuitive divination and she inspires you on the path of orgasmic living.

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Julie Brand – Studio Veena

Pole Dancing Mom Business OwnerJulie Brand, known as Veena in the pole dance world, is the co-creator and owner of the world’s largest online pole dance community. She discovered pole dancing in 2007. Her passion for pole lies within the artistic side of pole dance. Through her online lessons, Veena has reached thousands of pole dancers using her unique Veena Method to guide students in their own pole journey from their own homes.

She is is a life-long health and fitness fanatic and became an ACE certified personal trainer 14 years ago. She also holds multiple certifications in various other fitness related fields. In her free time Veena also enjoys hula hooping, yoga, cooking, baking, hiking, and gardening.

Veena is happily married to her best friend and business partner, the two have four amazing boys. She hopes to be an inspiration for other mothers, demonstrating that you can enjoy your passion while still maintaining a strong and fulfilling relationship with your children and spouse.

Jennifer Randall Thoreson – Sweet Ginger Vintage

Sweet Ginger Vintage, one of the unique business owned by women. My business is named Sweet Ginger Vintage and I describe it as “A virtual and actual vintage emporium of one of a kind items.” I have an actual brick and mortar store where I showcase my vintage clothing and accessory finds. Because of my daughter’s special needs, however, maintaining full time open hours are impossible so I also maintain an Etsy shop of my best finds that is open 24/7.

On top of that my real passion is my sewing. When it works around my daughter’s needs I sew custom vintage reproduction clothing and custom made corsets. My previous business was a custom sewing and alterations business specializing in bridal/formal wear. When my daughter came along her needs became my priority and I was no longer able to maintain a 70-80 hour work week or meet the demands of bridal schedules.

Now I sew the things I love on a schedule that allows me to put my daughter first. Currently my custom work is only available for local purchase but one of these days my daughter won’t need me as much as she does today. Then I will expand and grow my clothing and design options. This picture is a few years old, right after I closed my original sewing business, but it captures perfectly my true heart and passion.

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Anna Coy – Blooms in Hand

9 unique businesses owned by womenMy name is Anna Coy. I am the owner of Blooms in Hand, a subscription floral bouquet delivery service for North New Jersey. Every week I deliver new, fresh, curated, hand tied bouquets to customers’ homes and businesses. I have been a floral designer for over a decade and have had the unique opportunity to work with some of the best in the industry as a freelance designer, having my hand in numerous events and occasions. Blooms in Hand has become the perfect “next step” in my career.

I began working out of my home nearly a year ago and have been happily serving subscription clients since. The bouquets I send represent the culmination of the skills and knowledge I’ve picked up along the way. Each one is made by me and wrapped with love. I have been thrilled with the response and word of mouth growth I have experienced. I have recently received the keys to a floral studio I will soon be opening. The space will be used for hosting floral design workshops, pop up markets and open studio days. I look forward to sharing this exciting new step with both old and new friends in the community.

Elana Cupido Hendricks – Your Pregnancy Week By Week Information Cards

Elana one of 9 unique business ownersI am Elana wife to Byron Hendricks Mom to Xavier, Xara, and Xiana. I’m a Parenting and Lifestyle blogger based in Cape Town South Africa. My blog is about motherhood and parenting. I currently just launched my new product Pregnancy Week by Week Information cards which can be seen on my website.

My product consist of 40 beautifully designed Pregnancy Week by Week information cards which details each week of pregnancy. Each card contains details information about your growth, baby’s fetal development and the maternal changes you will be experiencing during pregnancy. The perfect gift for expecting moms. The cards are small and compact for you to carry in your handbag or you can stick it on your fridge for your whole family to see.

Jennifer Kuhn – Nanny Magazine

Jennifer Khun - women business ownerNanny Magazine‘s tagline is “Teach, Play, Love,” which is perfectly suited to the publication’s personality. Started by two nannies in 2013, the magazine has now grown to be a positive resource for nannies, women and men (aka, “mannies”) whose profession is tremendously under served. Often, those who choose to work in childcare are asked, “when are you going to get a real job?” The answer is simple: helping to raise the next generation of our society is a real job. And it’s really hard.
Jennifer Kuhn is the owner of this publication, which is currently run on entirely volunteer efforts and is truly a labor of love. The volunteers working behind Nanny Magazine hope that parents will find value in the publication as well. “I think every parent who employs a nanny should subscribe to Nanny Magazine on behalf of their nanny as a welcome gift or nannyversary present.” Jennifer says. “After all, this nanny is a new member of the family and is entrusted with the most precious thing in your life–your kids! So why not show a little extra support?”

Small business inspiration can come from anywhere! If you are still looking for help in getting your own small business off the ground check out Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Small Business.

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