The Ultimate List of Inspiring Women Business Owners

The number of women-owned businesses seems to be growing year by year. And I personally love learning more about mom entrepreneurs success stories. Whether these talents are used to make extra money or to create thriving small businesses, they definitely deserve some spotlight.

Growing a business is hard enough, but adding kids into the mix just take it up another notch. I’ve been so inspired to talk to these amazing women and share their mom entrepreneurs success stories.

Here is my ever-growing list of inspiring women business owners:

Sarah Titus of

I have been following Sarah Titus’s journey as a single mom determined to build the life she dreamed of for herself and her children while working from home. With her blog, you will find resources on saving money, making money online, blogging and so much more.

Recently, I obtained a copy of her Honest Bloggers Bundle and was so impressed with the amount of information and helpful printables. I just had to reach out to Sarah and see if she’d answer a few questions for you guys!

Sarah was eager to answer a few questions on balancing a business while taking care of a family and how other moms can build the life of their dreams from home.

You can read more about Sarah and her inspiring story about homelessness to six figures/month in this post.

Jessica Larrew of The Selling Family

Start Selling Amazon FBA

Last year I started checking out Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and stumbled upon Jessica Larrew’s blog, The Selling Family. I was amazed at the business she has built doing retail arbitrage, and inspired that she and her husband were able to be home and sell on Amazon full time.

If you are interested in selling on Amazon, Jessica and Cliff have developed a course called Amazon BootCamp that will answer all your questions. It is also worth reading through their blog in general!

Jessica was kind enough to answer some questions I sent her about FBA, work/life balance and how others can get started in the same business. To read more about Jessica and how Amazon FBA works, check out our interview here.

Dianne Nault

Belly-dancing business

Turning a hobby then talent into a business is exactly what Dianne Nault did. She took her love for belly-dancing and made a profitable business. She has such inspiring words for mothers, like herself, on how to start a business centered around what you love (and are good at)!

Read more about Dianne, her inspiring story and her tips for how you can get started as a business owner as a mother.

Purusha Rivera

My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

Purusha Rivera is an ultrasound tech by trade, but her love of pregnancy and birth allowed her to create a business for parents-to-be. She had a special request from a patient as an ultrasound tech and acted on it quickly. She developed My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear as a way to treasure those incredible sounds you hear in utero.

Read more about Purusha’s amazing journey here.

Amy Simpkins

For any mother or woman entrepreneur who needs momentum in their business, then Amy Simpkins is your gal.  She left her rocket scientist/engineering job to coach women from possible to profitable. She helps her clients craft clear, big-picture visions and then uses an iterative implementation approach to make those visions reality, creating revenue and unstoppable momentum along the way using techniques from her engineering background.

Learn more about Amy, the vision architect, in this interview.

Andrea Thomas

Andrea Thomas own multiple businesses while raising four kids. Find out what brings her joy and how she can help you!

I had the pleasure of talking with Andrea, mom of 4 and business owner for over 6 years. Her business started as a hobby but quickly turned into a thriving business that’s now global.

She started Andrea Thomas Collective to help product based creative entrepreneurs take their product to the next level by making more products in less time, increasing productivity and ultimately their profit.

Gain inspiration and learn more about how Andrea juggles work and home life.

Janelle Alex

How to Find Your Soul's Purpose with Janelle Alex

“As life long entrepreneurs, we’ve had great successes and dismal failure. We’ve gone from “riches” to “rags” and back again. My husband, Rob, and I have three sons in total. Two are grown and experiencing their own journeys while our 9-year-old, Boegley, travels with us. For the next 18 months or so, we’re traveling full-time as we work and live as digital nomads. Married almost 15 years, we’ve learned a lot about how to keep our marriage happy and healthy while setting a great example for our kids. Experiencing, exploring and appreciating the differences is a top priority for us and youngest son.” -Janelle Alex

Janelle is a Transpersonal Business Coach and Shaman for Women who are looking for guidance on how to make a difference in their life. She and her husband have a very unique, inspirational story centered around feeding one’s soul and pure happiness.

To hear more about Janelle, her work and her future plans, read my interview with her here.

Jenn Lake (Mom’s Musical)

Moms the Musical: Help Make it a Reality! Jenn Lake has written an awesome musical that is on Kickstarter raising money to get produced. Help her to realize her dream of helping all mothers realize that we are not alone!

I have known Jenn Lake for many, many years. Jenn was always in the thick of things. She loved being onstage and center of attention. And she had the talent for it! Jenn has always been a triple threat – singer, dancer, and actress. While I was more of a backstage type, mostly on tech or being the stage manager.

With yoga instructor and personal trainer under her belt, Jenn has a new endeavor. A project called, “Moms the Musical” has been percolating in her brain for the last nine years, ever since she became a mom herself.

I had a chance to chat with her about the project, take a look at her amazing video.

Alina Muresan

Mom to Mom: An Interview with Alina Muresan, Holistic Nutrition, Constipation Help,

Alina Muresan is a Holistic Nutritional Consultant. She spends her days “helping picky eaters become great eaters and constipated kids poop every day without pain and tears.” Her passion for nutrition began after the birth of her daughter.

She has amazing tips for getting even the pickiest of eaters eating more and eating healthier options!

Check out Alina, “the polite bite” and the one change you can make today for healthier eating tomorrow.

Carrie Durkee Immler

Mom to Mom: An Interview with Carrie Durkee Immler Acupuncturist

Carrie is a super mom with three little ones at home and works as an acupuncturist. Her job gives her the flexibility to work when she is needed or able and she is a master at structuring her calendar to be a mompreneur.

She started her own acupuncture business and hasn’t looked back.

For more on Carrie’s journey, and the business tools she can’t live without, read our interview.

Meera Kothand

Learn more about email marketing with Meera Kothand. Plus she talks about her family, her business and goals for the year.

Meera Kothand is one of my favorite blogging bloggers! She writes a lot about how to grow and nurture your email list. This fall I took her e-course Email Lists Simplified and am still going back and implementing her suggestions. The sheer amount of information she covers is astounding!

She also goes over how to build an email list, what to send your list, creating a welcome sequence and so much more! If you want some help with anything to do with email make sure you check out her blog and this course.

You can get an in-depth look at Meera and her growing business in this post.

Gail Serna

Gail Serna Psychic Medium

Gail and I met in the Mastermind group led by Amber Temerity. Gail has such a gentle soul and I love to listen to her Angel readings. Her children are pretty grown up but with such an interesting business I couldn’t resist doing an interview with her. Make sure you check out her Facebook page, she does live readings each week.

Read this post all about Gail’s passion and how she has made it into a business.

Lucy Seligman

Lucy and I just spent eight weeks in a Mastermind group together lead by Amber Temerity. I loved getting to know Lucy and found out she has not one but TWO businesses. During our interview, she gave us great insight on how to juggle two businesses even while raising children!

Lucy has a growing VA business and she is a Medical Hypnotherapist, specializing in pain and stress relief.

Get inspiration from Lucy in this interview.

Patricia Talavera

Mom to Mom: An Interview with Patricia Talavera

Patricia Talavera is the owner of SYT Biz with her husband and sister. They develop websites for business owners who are tired of trying to do it all themselves. They are launching a new initiative this year to provide discounted website services to business owners in the military community.

Even with the challenges of running a small business and a family, Patricia gets it all done and well!

If her services could help you, be sure to check out what she has to offer!

Lena Gott of What Mommy Does

How to Get 100,000 Page Views with Lena Gott

Want help growing your blog or website? Then Lena Gott is your go-to girl. She blogs at What Mommy Does and has grown it tremendously since the start in 2010.

Lena also has a Traffic Transformation ebook. Personally, I learned a TON of valuable information from this ebook and it is full of graphs, statistics, and printables to help you along the way.

Learn how Lena juggles mom life to three little ones and a thriving blog with 100k+ pageviews.

Corinne Kerston

Mom to Mom: An Interview with Corinne Kerston, blogger and mother

Corinne Kerston is a fabulous mompreneur that started as a freelance writer. She began blogging as a way to reach more clients.

In our interview, Corinne gives great insight on how to fit small business into your life as a mom and how to achieve balance.

Corinne even has a wonderful course on how to get started in blogging.

Elna Cain of Twins Mommy

I started reading Elna Cain’s blog Twins Mommy this summer, not realizing how new it was. She has been sharing a ton of information about growing her blog, social media and list building. If you haven’t checked out her blog I highly recommend starting with 17 Ways Mommy Bloggers Can Grow Their Email List Overnight.

I was so excited she agreed to answer some questions about how she manages to blog, freelance and raise twins.

She also dug deep and gave great tips on the best blogging tools and resources, which you can read about in this interview.

Amber Temerity of Embracing Temerity

Amber Temerity of Embracing Temerity talks about efficiency in her business and how she can help you

I was very excited to catch up with Amber Temerity of Embracing Temerity. Amber is an efficiency strategist and blogger. She blogs at Thrifty Guardian about creating a better life on a budget. She also blogs and offers her services as an efficiency strategist at Embracing Temerity.

Hear all about ways to turn your blog into a business using efficient strategies in this video!

Gina Horkey of Horkey Handbook

Check out this interview with Gina Horkey on how to become a Virtual Assistant.

Gina Horkey from Horkey Handbook is a blogger, online creator, and virtual assistant business owner.

I have taken both of her free courses and there is a ton of information in them!

Watch our video interview and learn more about Gina’s blogging and VA tips!

Debbie Lick of Treehouse Travel

Debbie Lick has been a travel agent for three years and owns her own business Treehouse Travel.

She has the flexibility of working from home but was able to triple her business this past year!

She how Debbie manages her time and business with children at home.

Melissa Dery of The Golden Rule VA

Melissa Dery has been a full-time VA for the last five years. She focuses on supporting leaders in the direct sales industry. I met Melissa through a great group in NH called Women Inspiring Women. She was kind enough to talk to me about how to start a virtual assistant business when I was starting out. I love her fun personality which shines through online and I am sure keeps her clients very happy.

To read my interview with Melissa and see what she suggests for mothers like you, keep reading.

Kate Coleman of Cheri by Kate

Looking for a side hustle to make extra money? Learn how this mom started her side business using her sewing skills.

Kate Coleman’s work has been showing up in my Facebook newsfeed for a while now. People have been raving about her bags, leggings, and girl’s clothes. I am so impressed with her work ethic, she works a full-time job and still finds time to create beautiful, one of a kind, pieces.

Want to learn about turning your side hustle into a growing biz? Read all of Kate’s tips.

Karen Remick of Sweet Girls Boutique

Read how this mom turned her hobby recreating vintage furnishings and signs into a boutique.

Karen Remick is another amazing momma that has taken her talents and turned them into a full-blown business. Karen owns Sweet Girls Boutique and opened her store in Warner NH early last spring. She has been inspiring me with her amazing furniture ever since. Her eye for color and detail lends new life to old furniture, making them heirloom quality once again. She also does amazing vintage inspired signs using wood, paint, and metal.

Want to go from hobby to business? Learn about how Karen did it and get inspired.

Courtney Harvey of Usborne Books and More!

Mom to Mom Interview: Courtney of Usborne Books

Courtney Harvey and I have known each other for many years, we grew up in the same town and even worked at the local bank together. She is now mom to two beautiful boys and is passionate about youth literacy. She has been working hard to grow her business for a year and a half and I have been inspired by her passion.

She gave us great tips on how to manage her small business all while being a full-time mom, too! Read about it here!

Angela DiMare-Messier of Simply Sacred Apothecary & Wellness

Are you considering starting a business in holistic health practices? Check out this interview with a professional to start implementing these great ideas.

I had the pleasure of meeting Angela DiMare-Messier recently and was amazed at her wealth of holistic health knowledge! She has studied a wide variety of wellness skills that she has been building over the last few years.

I asked her to answer a few questions that would help those considering a business in holistic health practices to get a better idea of what is required. She has written some great answers that you can read in this interview.

Know any other mom entrepreneurs success stories? We would love to know them, too! Send them our way so we can share their story!