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How to Start an Online Business in 2020

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Things are a little bit different now. Quarantine has changed things for a lot of people, and they need to find ways to work at home. You might be one of them.

I want to tell you it’s not too late to start an online business. You haven’t missed anything. Everything is still growing online and you can join lots of types of businesses or start your own business and start to make money from home.

3 Different Online Business Ideas That You Could Start From Home

There are three different business areas that I suggest you consider. If you want to make it easier, take the quiz to read which result would be best for you!

1. Open a creative business

Starting a creative business could mean selling a craft you make on Etsy or the Amazon Handmade Marketplace.

It could be selling something like a food product that maybe you used to sell at a farmers market, but you can’t go to anymore.

There are lots of different places that you can create accounts to sell on other platforms, or you can create your own website and market directly to the consumer that way.

2. Become a service-based business owner.

There are a lot of odd jobs that you could do for people, like becoming a dog walker, grocery shopper, etc.

You can move that business online, join something like TaskRabbit, or you can create your own website where people can book your services.

This is the perfect time to get out there and do those types of services that can be done without having to get too close to people. They will have paid you online, so you’ll be all set and ready to go.

Ready to start an online business? Learn which type of online business you should start by taking the easy quick and getting tons of ideas from the results!

3. Start an online business

Then the third type of business that you could consider starting is an online business.

That’s the kind of business that I started many years ago. I started working as a virtual assistant and I did all sorts of different little tasks online for different businesses.

You can get started with something as simple as keeping somebody’s email inbox under control. I know that’s a service that I love to get done for me so that I don’t have hundreds and hundreds of emails just waiting for me to reply to.

But there are also social media things that you can do. If you like to design graphics, there’s a great program called Canva and you can use that to create graphics for other business owners.

And then there’s also things like proofreading or transcribing or there are hundreds of different softwares out there that business owners need help with.

I would suggest checking out some of the virtual assistant websites or Facebook groups and you can find out if that might be something for you.

If you think that all these businesses sound interesting and you’re not quite sure which one might work for you take the quiz to will help you figure out what type of online business you should start.

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  1. Hi Emma,
    I tried to take your quiz to determine what kind of online business is right for you but I couldn’t move forward when you asked a question about how old your children were. My God, I don’t have kids! Why isn’t there an option or answer for those of us that don’t have children?

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