12 thoughts on “4 Ways to Make Your Own Logo in 2020”

  1. Just went through this process for my website. I used a great, yet inexpensive graphic designer, who did 4 iterations of my logo. I’m glad I used someone else because although I consider myself to be creative, I am not proficient technically and the process would have taken me way too long!

    1. I made the one I am using now, but am in the process of working with a designer for a new “professional” one. I think it is nice to see if you like a business before investing too heavily in it. I am glad you got a logo you are happy with!

  2. What a great blog post! I re-branded earlier this year and my designer made a great logo for me, but I’m going to forward this to a friend of mien who was just telling me earlier today she wants to make her own logo! Thanks for the great info!

  3. This is a GREAT way to get a generic logo done…. well done misleading small business into becoming forgettable brands, it’s hilarious to think that with some classes or generic software will do the same as a professional with years of experience, when you pay someone to crate your brand you aren’t paying some random gay to “draw you a logo” you are paying for years of experience on brand development, let me put it this way: if this were a food blog what you are offering here would be the equivalent of saying a cup of instant noodle soup is the same as a pasta made by a chef but if you think a what you deserve is a noodle cup be my guest.

    Pro tip: a REAL DESIGNER will never sell you just a logo he/she will sell you a project on your brand identity so your business becomes different and relevant.

    Don’t be cheap when it come to your business or you’ll regret it later, you aren’t spending money you are investing it. Don’t think like a merchant. Think like a businessman

    1. Cesar, yes this is a great way to create a logo ON THE CHEAP. Not everyone can spend $500-1000 right off the bat for branding and logo design. Sometimes you need to make choices when you are starting a business, knowing that once you have cash flow you will do something different.

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