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How to Sell Digital Downloads on Your Website with Shopify

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To be able to sell digital downloads on your website, you need a few simple things. A product, a payment processor and a delivery system. Shopify can take care of two of those and is super simple to get set up.

What are digital downloads?

Learning how to sell digital downloads on your website is a great way to make more money online. They are simple to create, easy to sell and done right, can make you a nice profit.

A digital download is any product that is delivered electronically. An ebook or PDF, an audio or video file, or an online course are all examples.

Many bloggers and online entrepreneurs want to sell digital files on their blog but don’t know how to get started. I’m going to walk you through getting your product set up in Shopify so you can make your first sale today!

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How to make your digital product

A quick side note… I love using Canva to create ebooks, workbooks, and other PDFs. I get asked all the time how I create such good looking products and I’m going to let you in on my secret…

I use templates from Kara Fidd!

Kara from Simplifying DIY Design creates amazing Canva templates that can be used to create everything from ebooks to social media graphics.

If you’ve been intimidated about creating a product because you don’t think you could ever make anything that looks good, you need to check out her templates.

What kind of Shopify Store do you need?

You can learn how to sell digital download on your website in just a few minutes. Shopify makes the set up very easy and quick.

Shopify offers a few different account types, but all of them start with a 14-day free trial. You can start with a Shopify Lite account which will allow you to sell products using a button on your website, but not have a storefront on Shopify.

The Shopify Lite account is only $9 a month and the Digital Downloads app is free. Watch the video below to learn how to set up your store.

How to set up your Shopify store

Go to and click on Pricing in the top right-hand corner. Scroll down below the regular accounts and find Shopify Lite.

When the new page loads, click on Start Your Free Trial.

Fill out the information on the next few pages and your store will be created!

You’ll need a store name to get started if you need help choosing a name read this post.

How to add your digital file

Once your site is live, click on Apps in the sidebar menu and search for Digital Downloads. This is a free app from Shopify and will take care of delivering your files when a customer buys.

Once that app is installed then you can create your first product.

After your product is created, click on the More Actions option at the top of the page and choose Add Digital File.

There you’ll be able to upload and save your file. You can only do one file so if you have multiple documents you’ll need to create a .zip folder to upload.

And that’s it! The file will automatically be available to anyone who purchases and you don’t have to do a thing except find customers!

You’ll need to create an HTML button or checkout link to put on your website and you can do that using the More Actions drop-down menu.

Learn how to sell Digital Downloads on your website using Shopify Lite. This easy tutorial will have you selling product in no time! #sell #shopify

Sell Digital Downloads on Your Website

Now you know how to sell digital downloads on your website!

This process is super simple and once you’ve gone through the steps in the video, you’ll be able to start selling your products right away. Let me know if you have questions in the comments!

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