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9 Key Sales Page Mistakes to Avoid

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Are you ready to build your first sales page? There is so much to learn that making simple sales page mistakes is easy. I’ve put together nine mistakes that you’ll want to avoid when you’re building your next sales page.

Mistake #1 – Designing before you write

Before you even start laying out your sales page, write your copy! Your copy will always be the most convincing part of your sales page. Having a page the looks good is great, but it’s not going to convince anyone to buy anything without well-written sales copy.

Make sure to:

  • break up your page
  • use short paragraphs
  • have bold headings
  • and amazing bullet points

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Mistake #2 – Talking about yourself

Unless you are a star, no one really cares about you. They care about what your course, product or service is going to do for THEM.

Make your customer the hero of your sales page. Talk about how your product will solve their problems and life will be better.

You can include a section about who you are and why you are qualified but don’t make it the first part of your sales page.

Mistake #3 – Not using enough buy buttons

Make sure there are buy buttons throughout your sales page text. Some people will want to read every word on the page and some people will be ready to buy after three paragraphs.

Put one button very near the top of the page and then have buttons even 3-4 paragraphs or sections.

Mistake #4 – Lack of white space

This is one of my pet peeves! Don’t make your readers overwhelmed with text and images. Leave plenty of white space and nice wide margins.

It’s much easier to read when your eyes can rest on white space. Use short paragraphs that are 1-3 sentences max.

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Mistake #5 – Having more than one CTA

Your sales page should only have one Call to Action. Don’t offer a freebie, a newsletter sign up or any way for them to click to another part of your site.

When someone lands on your page, you want them to buy your product, so don’t give them any other options! This includes removing your menu and footers!

Mistake #6 – Hard to read fonts

Use an easy to read font with plenty of spacing between lines. If you choose a script font for headlines make sure that other people can read it.

sales page mistakes

Mistake #7 – Not using testimonials

This is one of the most important sales page mistakes to avoid. Include some REAL testimonials in your copy along with a real photo of that person. Use screenshots that help to illustrate results for your customers alongside testimonials.

Don’t have any testimonials yet? Enlist friends to give you some or sell your product for a big discount in exchange for testimonials.

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Mistake #8 – Depending too much on video

Having a video explaining your product or service is great, but don’t depend on only that to sell. Not everyone will watch your video. Make sure anything important from the video is also written on your sales page.

Building a sales page? Check out these nine sales page mistakes to avoid! From creating amazing copy, to including enough buttons, you'll want to make sure to avoid all of these. #salespage #salescopy

Mistake #9 – Being too positive

Telling readers how your product or service will solve a problem is a very important part of any sales page. But so is including the opposite of that.

Make sure to write a bit about how if they don’t buy then they will miss out on living a different life or achieving a dream of {fill in the blank}. Having both the positive and the negative helps to spur a decision.

More sales page mistakes

Of course, there are tons more sales page mistakes you can make, but these are some big ones that will hurt your sales.

So be careful and check your sales page for these mistakes and then grab the Sales Page Checklist below for more things to check before you hit publish.

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2 thoughts on “9 Key Sales Page Mistakes to Avoid”

  1. Hey Emma!
    Loving your new topics! Me love me some copywriting and sales page writing tips 🙂 I agree with all of this but you know what?
    When I published my sales page for my traffic course I had no testimonials (no beta testers either). And I told myself I would add them once the course students went through the course, but I forgot! I had that sales page for over a year without testimonials but it still converted. I think the examples and my experience (case studies) helped with conversions!

    1. You’re totally right, examples and case studies can take the place of testimonials. Especially in the case of an established business. Newer businesses need a bit more social proof and I think it’s important to figure out a way to establish that. Testimonials, case studies, and personal examples can all do that.

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