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How to Create a Better Sales Page in Teachable Using Leadpages

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Are you wishing you could create a better sales page in Teachable? Teachable is an amazing platform for hosting courses. I love most everything about them…except their sales pages.

Teachable’s sales pages are clunky and never come out looking “pretty” like when you use a page builder.

I always thought it was just something you were stuck with until… I saw Kara Fidd’s sales pages.

I mean, how gorgeous is this??? (Click the picture to see the whole page)

The Product Creators Ultimate Toolbox

So one day I asked her, “How did you create such an amazing sales page in Teachable?” And that’s when I learned the greatest trick ever!

LeadPages allows you to export the HTML of any page you’ve published. Then, you just need to use one of the Liquid/HTML blocks in Teachable to host the code.

It makes creating a beautiful sales page super simple!

Watch the video for full instructions on how to download your page from LeadPages and upload it to Teachable.

Use LeadPages to make the page…

First, you use LeadPages to create a beautiful sales page. You can use one of their templates, or build your page from scratch. They have some great templates that make getting started easy.

LeadPages is a great page builder and makes creating everything from landing pages and pop-ups to entire funnels easy.

Then host the sales page in Teachable!

Once the page is published in LeadPages, you can download the HTML. Then in Teachable, you delete everything on the sales page except for one Liquid/HTML block. Then in settings at the bottom of the page, you’re going to turn on blank template, and then save.

Then you just insert the code from LeadPages in the Liquid/HTML block and voila! you’ve got an absolutely beautiful sales page on Teachable!

An added bonus, you can edit the page in LeadPages and it automatically updates in Teachable.

Make sure that you connect the buttons in LeadPages to the checkout page in Teachable.

To get the checkout page URL, you just click on Pages in your course menu, then Checkout Page. If you click view page in the top right corner, a pop-up will appear with a button where you can copy the course checkout page URL. That is the URL that you will add to the button in LeadPages.

Sales Page in Teachable

Why use both platforms?

You might be thinking, why not just use LeadPages to host the sales page? You can connect the buttons to just the checkout page on Teachable after all.

A few reasons…

  • Your affiliates can still get credit for sending people to your sales page
  • Your ad result is easier to track
  • You don’t have to redirect people from Teachable to LeadPages to see the sales page

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Other ways to use this knowledge

Teachable also allows you to host other pages in your school. So for instance, if you are hosting a webinar that you want affiliates to be able to send people to and get credit for sales, you can host the webinar sign-up page on Teachable.

Or, your course isn’t evergreen? You can change the sales page to include a waitlist sign-up form instead.

Or maybe your course has different levels that can be purchased? It’s easy to create tiered pricing the makes sense on LeadPages, not so easy on Teachable.

Now you know my very favorite sales page hack!

Love Teachable but hate their sales page builder? This simple hack will have you creating gorgeous sales pages in no time!

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2 thoughts on “How to Create a Better Sales Page in Teachable Using Leadpages”

  1. Hello there, it is a great hack indeed. However, is it possible to use another platform than lead-ages (too expensive for me, I haven’t launched my Teachable courses yet and expenses are piling up).
    For exemple, GetResponse, my emailing service, offers great landing pages, I can access the html code but it’s not liquid, it’s in long form. I don’t know how to access the liquid / dynamic version to import it in BBEdit.
    Thank you for your support.

  2. Hi..

    I just spend an entirely day to design the page in LeadPages..but apparently you can use the HTML/ LIQUID only on Business plan in Teachable.Am I missing something?

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