How to Check Your Online Sales Page Conversion Rate

How to Easily Check Your Sales Page Conversion Rate

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How do you check your sales page conversion rate? You’ve published your sales page, got some traffic, and made some sales…

And now what?

How do you look at that sales page and know where it could be better?

The first thing you need to do is figure out your sales page conversion rate.

What does that mean?

The conversion rate tells how many people have bought your product versus how many people have seen the page and it gives you an idea of whether your page is performing as best as it can.

Average conversion rates for a sales page for a product or service are going to be three to five percent.

If you’re in that zone, you’ve got a great start and you’re good to go.

If it’s lower than that, there are things that you’re going to want to change in order to bring that sales page conversion rate up.

If you’re higher than that, don’t touch a thing because you’re doing awesome!

So how do you check your conversion rate?

The first thing you need to do go into Google Analytics and you need to find the sales page to see how many people have visited it.

You can view this by going to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages.

This lists out all of the pages on your website. If I’m looking for a specific page, I just click in the search box and type in one of the keywords of the page.

For example, on my sales page for my course Sales Page Secrets, I’ve had 36 page views in the last 30 days. So if I have three sales from the 36 page views, I will look at the conversion rate formula, which is going to be (Sales / Page Views) x 100.

In this example, I would have three sales divided by 36 times 100, which equals 8.33%.

So the conversion rate for that sales page would be 8.33%.

Since we know that the average conversion rate is three to five percent, this sales page is performing well.

Again, three to five percent is the average conversion rate. How did your page perform? Is it above the average rate? Is it below?

If your sales page has a below average conversion rate, here are the top 3 things you should work on to improve your conversion.

1. The headline

The headline is the thing that people are going to read first, and it’s going to be the thing that tells them “this is for me” or “this is not for me.”

Make sure that your headline is pointing people further down the page.

  • Keep it interesting.
  • Make it so that people agree with it. Maybe it’s a question and you’re going to ask them if they have a problem. Make your headline something that, if this person can be helped by that headline, they’re going to want to know more about your product.

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2. The button text

The second thing that you might want to tweak is your button text.

Something like “Buy Now” can get the point across, but it’s kind of boring.

Try something like “I’m so ready for this” or “Let me in!!!”

Say something that’s a little more exciting and speaks to your ideal customer.

3. Call to action

The next thing you could tweak would be your call to action.

You might have a headline above your button or just some text on the page in different places that’s asking people to buy.

Make sure you’re really, really focused on that point and you are actually asking for the sale and not just sort of offering them something.

You want to be really, really sure that you’re saying things like, “Click the button to buy now” or “I’ll see you on the inside. I can’t wait to get started!”

Use language that tells people that this is something they can buy, this is something that they can buy now.

The one thing you need to think about when you are working on improving a sales page is don’t do too many things at once.

Make one change, let a hundred more people see the page, and then see what your conversion rate is again.

If it’s gone up, great. Keep that change and try another small tweak.

If it’s gone down, go back to what you had last time and try again.

This is called A/B testing. If you can, create two pages and send people to each page randomly in order to see which page performs the best.

A/B testing is a great way to improve your sales page conversion rate.

If you want to do the conversion tracking yourself, enter your email in the box below and I’ll send you a free copy of the conversion tracker that I’ve put together.

It shows you how to calculate your conversion rate and it has different printable pages that you can use to track your sales page conversion rate over time.

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