Sales Page Audit

30 Minute

Sales Page Audit

Are you frustrated with your lack of sales?

Not sure how to improve the page you built to sell your product?


Creating a page that converts can be a trial and error process. Instead of struggling alone to figure out what's wrong with your page, hire me to take a look!

Just answer a few simple questions and book an appointment for a video Sales Page Audit.

Why Wait? Book Your Audit for only $97 today!

I'll help you pinpoint problems with:

Sales Page Copy

Does your copy suffer from lack of excitement? Or maybe you forgot to create curiosity? I'll read through all of your copy and give you notes on how to make it better.

Webpage Design

Is your page lacking in the design department? A few simple tweaks can make a world of difference with how long visitors stay on the page. I'll go over change you can make to increase conversions. 


Are you creating headlines that hook? Sometimes just changing the headline on the top of your page can make a huge difference. I'll make suggestions on how to write captivating headlines. 


Do you have enough buy buttons? Have you included the most important parts of a sales page? There are so many different pieces of a high converting sales page that can be easily missed! Let me show you what your page is missing. 

Emma Lee Bates

Hey, I'm Emma,

and I'd love to help you create an amazing sales page! 

Sales pages combine my love of design, writing and making systems work. After spending the last few years blogging and working as a Virtual Assistant, I've built hundreds of sales pages and have seen what works and what doesn't.


Let me help you make adjustments and increase your conversions and your profit!

Sales Page Audit

Book Your 30 Minute Sales Page Audit Today!

Why miss out on more conversions and more profit?

In just thirty minutes you could have a better designed and better written sales page that captures your ideal customer. Increase your conversion, increase your sales and see more money land in your bank account. 

You can take a wait and see approach with your sales page and lose potential sales daily, or you can book your Sales Page Audit with me and make more money this week! 

The choice is yours...

Why Wait? Book Your Audit for only $97 today!

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