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An Easy Sales Funnel Management System (for FREE!)

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Do you lose track of your sales funnel pieces?

When I first started making sales funnels, I would get so lost in the steps and lose track of what I had made and what I still needed to make.

One time I even launched a funnel with a missing tripwire page…doh!

Finally, I created a funnel management system to track all of the pieces and keep me organized as I made each part.

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My sales funnel management system

I use Airtable to manage a spreadsheet with all my parts listed out. The great thing about Airtable is that I can link different tables together so that when I update a link in one place, it updates in all the places.

I think it will be easiest to show you, so I’ve made a video on how I use Airtable to organize my sales funnels.

As you can see, the Master List keeps me totally organized. Each separate part is linked to that one page. I can easily see where I am missing pieces from that page.

Airtable is one of my favorite organizational tools. I absolutely love the ability to link different tables together as it makes it so easy to see what is linked together and move between pieces.

Plus, Airtable is full of drag and drop options which makes it so easy to create tables that have everything that you want in just the place you want it.

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Managing Sales Funnel Building

My friend Kathleen from Dabble Media gave me the best piece of advice.

Start building from the end of the funnel.

This allows you to connect all the links and buttons as you go and it’s harder to get lost in the middle of the funnel and forget what parts are ready to be live and which are not.

I add each page link to the table as I go. That way if I need to go check something on a page, I’m not searching all over for it.

Airtable also allows you to upload graphics and documents if you want to keep all your branding and copy with the funnel.

Speaking of copy, that’s my best piece of advice. Sit down before you start building and write out a bunch of copy. You’ll be using some key phrases and paragraphs over and over again. It will save you time to be able to easily cut and paste them as you go.

Are you ready to start managing and organizing your sales funnels? Grab a FREE copy of my sales funnel management system here!

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