Raising Passionate Daughters

Raising Passionate Daughters

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Raising Passionate DaughtersWhy I Talk to My Daughters About My Business

My daughters are seven and one and I can’t help but dream about their future. As a mother I try to balance what I hope the future holds for them with what they will want for themselves.

I was raised by a very feminist mother who always told me I could be whatever I wanted. I believed her and she seemed a little taken aback when what I wanted to be was a mother. She was trying to encourage me to work outside of the home, but I have always wanted to stay home and have children.

I was very happy to stay home with my first child. She was a happy baby and we have a good routine. When I had my second I got Postpartum Depression (PPD) and was feeling a little trapped at home.

I decided to take on a little project and bake for our local farmers market each week. I enjoyed having a chance to get out of the house and make a little money. My baby could come with me and was passed around to be oooh’ed and aaah’ed over. It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

The baking business grew and grew until it was taking all of my time. I realized that I didn’t want to be out of the house that much. My husband was taking care of the kids every weekend so I could go to markets and fairs, and we never got to have family time together. Luckily, I was able to find a buyer for the company and said goodbye to that business.

I still needed something for myself though. I like running a business, it is very fulfilling. After a few stops and starts I became a Virtual Assistant and now a Blogger. It is the kind of work that is hard for children to see. It is not like Dad who leaves the house everyday and works in a cool office building.

What I Want for My Daughters

I want to make sure my children know that I am not ignoring them to play online. So I have started to tell them about my work and what I do. I love seeing how it has affected my daughter. She is seven years old and is developing a very entrepreneurial spirit.

Last summer she made muffins to sell at the farmer’s market and decorated wooden tops to sell in front of our house. She offers to do chores around the house for quarters. She helped me have a yard sale and sold some of her toys.

I want to make sure that she knows she can not only be anything she wants but that she can create her own work. It is important for our daughters to see us not only as mothers but as people with passions.

And that is what I want for both my daughters, passion. I don’t care if they never works for themselves or create a business. But I would be devastated if they never found work to be passionate about. My hope for both my daughters is for them to find work that fills them with a sense of purpose.

Raising Passionate Daughters

Ways to share your work with your daughter

  • Talk about your challenges – share your challenges with them, ask for their advice and see what they have to say. Not only is it a good way to connect with them but sometimes just talking about a problem will help you work through it.
  • Share a win – have something awesome happen in your business? Celebrate with your daughter! A quick dance party, a cheer at dinner or just getting a high five from them can make your win even sweeter.
  • Include them in small decisions – creating a new logo or business card? Show them the options and get their feedback. Kids love to feel included and it shows you value their opinion.
  • Talk about your WHY – tell your daughter about WHY you work. Tell her your goals for the year or how this work fulfills you. It is just as important to share the big picture as it is to share the little wins.

I hope my daughters remembers how I dedicated myself to creating a business as they grow up and it inspires them to find their purpose and their passion.

How do you share your business with your daughter or son?

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18 thoughts on “Raising Passionate Daughters”

  1. For now I am a boy mom, but I hope one day that I will have a sweet little girl. These are great tips. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  2. I hear you on being devastated if they never found a passion, or even worse to find out they have passion about something I never even knew about. I love that you share your passion with them. Such a great post, great job! Pinning this.

  3. I’m really glad I ran across this article. It was just the motivation I needed today and I love how you address encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit in our daughters!

  4. I loved this! As a new mom to a baby girl, and someone who watched her own mom create and run a strong business, this truly spoke to my heart.
    Thank you!

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