How to use quizzes to build your subscriber list

Create Your Own Quiz to Boost Subscribers to Your Blog

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Create Your Own Quiz with Interact

I wasn’t quite sure what to think when Interact approached me about trying their “create your own quiz” software for free. I had never considered creating a quiz for my readers.

After a phone call with Josh, the founder of Interact, where he walked me through what his company did, how the quizzes worked and what I could expect from using their quiz software, I figured “what the heck?” and signed up!

I created my first quiz earlier this month and sat back to wait. I was amazed to see that people started taking the quiz immediately!

But the big question is: did it convert to subscribers?

Why do we take quizzes?

[A] very powerful thing we enjoy as humans is inclusion in a group. Being a part of something that feels personal to us is important, and also releases good vibes (or pheromones if you want to get scientific). – Why Quizzes are the Next Big Thing in Marketing

Basically, humans want to be able to explain themselves to themselves. We need to fit our experience into neat boxes in order to process. Quizzes help us do that.

Quizzes are not new. I remember giving my now husband a quiz out of Seventeen Magazine when we were in high school. BuzzFeed has been taking the quiz to extremes and sharing everything from How Many of These Insane American Foods Have You Tried? to Build a Salad and We’ll Guess Your Age and Dream Job (I got 46 and a Teacher, they are off by a decade and although I do have three kids there is no way I could be a teacher!)

How to set up an Interact quiz on your blog

Interact is a simple to use quiz builder that you host on your own site. This means that all the traffic from the quiz is directly on your website. You can customize your quiz to include your brand’s fonts, colors, and logo. Plus, it can be easily integrated with your email marketing platform.

Interact lets you choose from three kinds of quizzes

You start with choosing from three types of quizzes: Assessment, Personality and Scored. I choose Personality for my first quiz, it seemed like a good fit for my readers.

Each kind of quiz has templates that you can choose to get started, or you can start from scratch. Since this was my first time, I chose a template.

Templates you can chose in Interact to get your quiz started easily.

Each template has pre-loaded questions, stock photos, and answers. If you can find something that is somewhat close to the actual quiz you are creating it can save you quite a bit of time.

The dashboard is pretty intuitive to use. The content tab houses all your questions and results. It is helpful to create all your results first.

How to Build a Quiz in Interact

You can click on a question to edit it. I was having a hard time coming up with questions but this post helped me to come up with some good ones.

You can have more answers to a single question then results. Multi answers can point to each end result.

Choosing end results in Interact

You can upload photos to be associated with questions and/or answers. Plus each result can have a photo and a button that links to more information. This was handy to link to other pages on my site that could tell the taker more about what their result said.

After you have created your questions, answers, and results you can link your quiz to your email management software. I use ConvertKit and it was a simple process that Interact walked me through step by step.

If at any point you want to see what the quiz looks like you can just click the Preview button in the top right corner. Then, when you are all finished creating your quiz just hit Publish and Interact will walk you through the steps to embed the quiz on your website.

If you use WordPress there is a plugin to download and then it is a simple process to add the quiz to any page you want. You can also share it directly from Interact on social media.

My results with Interact

So how did my quiz do? Luckily, Interact includes a nice reporting section for each quiz. You can see how long it has been running, how many people have viewed the quiz, taken the quiz, finished the quiz and converted to a lead.

I had 160 quiz starts that turned in to 46 new subscribers to my email list, almost a 30% conversion rate!

The result of running my quiz for 17 days with Interact

I also checked Google Analytics and this post what the most popular on my blog for the last 17 days. Bringing me 264 pageviews with a below average bounce rate.

Google Analytics results for my Interact quiz

Pretty good for my first quiz!

What happens to these subscribers now?

One of the really cool things that I can do since Interact and ConvertKit connect is set up an email sequence for each result. This has taken me quite a bit of time since I have four results but I have finished two completely and have gotten a start on the other two.

I love being able to really target my emails to each result. I am trying to give some great content plus link to posts on my blog that these specific people might find useful.

Would I recommend Interact?

All in all, this has been a great experiment. I am determined to make quizzes part of my content strategy this year and plan to do three more in 2017.

Interact has been great to work with. Simple to set up and overall very easy to use. The price seems fair for all they offer. In addition to quizzes, you can create giveaway pages that will collect email addresses and they have a new feature that will create Facebook Live quizzes.

My only complaint is that it is not easy to get to their knowledge base. They have quite a bit of information published but I never found a way to get there from my dashboard. When I created my account they sent me a few emails with different links that were very helpful but I had to get there from my emails.

Interact works not only for blogs but for all kinds of business. Anyone could create a quiz that would speak to their readers or customers and use it to create engagement and subscribers.

Are you interested in creating quizzes for your website? Check out Interact!

Quizzes can be an amazing way to grow your email list! Learn how I created a quiz and got a 30% subscription rate my first week!

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4 thoughts on “Create Your Own Quiz to Boost Subscribers to Your Blog”

  1. Wow! You had some great results! I’ve never done a quiz on my blog before, but now I’m intrigued. I’m going to check out the site. Thanks for your honest review!

  2. I love this idea Emma!

    It’s one of the things I love being a mompreneur – trying out different products and strategies. Love that an interactive quiz converted readers into subscribers!

    I’m not sure if I would do a quiz right now..but it’s something to think about in the future for sure!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Elna!
      Trying new things is one of my favorite aspect too. Keeps me from falling in to a rut.

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