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3 Things You Need to Check if You’re Pivoting Your Business This Year

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When you’re an entrepreneur, pivoting your business is often times inevitable. Industries change and so will your audience and services you provide.

You may need to pivot your business in order to stay relevant and current with the times or to follow new passions and interests.

I recently got asked by a friend who’s working on pivoting her business what she needs to think about now that she is offering some new services and sort of changed her direction. 

I have seen so many people talking about this in Facebook groups as well. Pivoting is something you may do more than once so it’s important to know what to prioritize and update during this process. Here are 3 things you need to check if you’re pivoting your business this year.

1. Your Website

It seems pretty obvious but the first thing you’ll want to focus on is your website. Don’t just stop at updating your home page though. I suggest going through a lot more pages on your website including your About page and Services page.

Make sure you’re talking about your story in relation to the new services that you’re offering. Update your reviews and testimonials pages as well especially if you’ll be adding new services and products in your business.

Do you have something on a page that’s still referring to old services? Make sure that you go through each of your main pages for your site, update any copy that needs to be updated. Throw a new headshot on there if you need to because this is a chance to make sure that everything is up to date and with your current branding. 

Finally, don’t forget the contact page and your call to action. Explain what new services your business is offering and how you can help people if they reach out or schedule a call.

2. Social Media

The next thing you’ll want to check when pivoting your business this year is your social media.

Personally, I like to reuse social media. I’ve used a couple of different schedulers that will reschedule content after it’s gone out. Then you kind of forget about it so make sure you go back and check.

Are you promoting old services? Are you using old colors from your previous brand? If you’re pivoting and updating your brand, now is the chance to go back and make sure you’re not using broken links and pushing old services. So go through whatever scheduler you’re using for your social media, make sure everything’s up to date. 

3. Check Your Email Sequences

This is probably the area that most people fail to check on and I definitely fall in that camp too sometimes.

I get my email sequences up and then I pretty much never want to look at them again. Well, that means that they get really out of date. I’ve gone back and realize it’s probably been around two years – considering the the ages of my children that’s listed in the email(s) – since I’ve read this email sequence.

If this sounds all too familiar, take the time, go through your email sequences, make sure you’ve updated what your offers are as well as the ages of your children.

Make sure everything is on point and that you’re pointing to the right pages. Make sure you’re pointing to the right services. If you have a new Facebook group, make sure you’re promoting that in your email sequences. 

Make Pivoting Your Business Become a Smoother Process

Once you’ve updated content or created new copy in these three areas, you should be good to go with promoting your new services and publishing posts about your brand update or your business pivot.

If you need some help, one of the things we do at Still Rise Marketing is to help you with your website copy.

So if you’ve been thinking “probably things aren’t up to date but I really should be working on some new copy and I might even need a new tagline.” give us a call. We’d love to get on a call with you to talk about what your needs are and hopefully we can work together and get everything up to speed.

3 things to check if you're pivoting your business this yer

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