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Email Marketing with Meera Kothand

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Meera Kothand is one of my favorite blogging bloggers! She writes a lot about how to grow and nurture your email list. This fall I took her ecourse Email Lists Simplified and am still going back and implementing her suggestions. The shear amount of information she covers is astounding!

Learn more about email marketing with Meera Kothand. Plus she talks about her family, her business and goals for the year.

I am working on creating my first email sequence leading up to the launch of my ecourse Mompreneur in the Making. I have been back in the course reading about structuring an email sequence. It is hard for me to wrap my head around guiding a reader through what I want to say, but Meera lays out the whole process step by step. It is like having someone hold my hand through the process.

She also goes over how to build an email list, what to send your list, creating a welcome sequence and so much more! If you want some help with anything to do with email make sure you check out her blog and this course.

Meera Kothand creator of Email Lists SimplifiedTell me a little bit about your blog/business

I’m a freelance writer and I also run my own blog at where I write extensively about email marketing and blogging strategy. My target audience are mainly ambitious female bloggers and solopreneurs.

Tell me about your family

We are a small family of three  – Myself, my husband and (almost) four-year old daughter. We live in Singapore which is in Asia.

Why did you start a blog?

I started a blog to write for myself and to have a creative outlet. I’ve always enjoyed marketing and wanted to have my own voice on the topic. I also wanted to explore blogging because it’s fascinating the number of people you can reach and impact with your words. 

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What did you do before?

I was working in Marketing and communications as well as international relations in both the private and public sector for about 8 years before having my daughter. I decided to stay home to be with her during the early years.

What are your goals for your blog?

I hope to use my blog as a platform to inspire more women to blog and share their thoughts. There are also lots of myths surrounding blogging and I hope to shed some light on them. For me blogging & marketing is not about 6-figures or a huge email list. It’s about defining your goals, what success looks like to you and then taking focused steps to create that success with your blog. I hope to encourage more people to see blogging in this way rather than something that’s overwhelming. 

What are your favorite business tools?

Convertkit, my email service provider is one of my favourite business tools. It’s easy to automate several business tasks and it gives me insight to my audience and ease of use that’s amazing.
I also love Pop-up ally and Convertplug which are the 2 list building tools I use. I started exploring Trello recently and see a lot of potential in how I can use it further. 

Who are your business inspirations?Meera Kothand creator of Email Lists Simplified

My husband is definitely my inspiration. He was the one who taught me to change my mindset about investing. I used to think that I’ll invest in my business when I start to make money. But he encouraged me to view investing as a necessity for a business to grow.
Regina of is also someone who I am very inspired by. She is one of the most generous entrepreneurs and gives a lot back to her community. 

How do you balance time with your family and time for your business?

I identify the most productive time block during the day and schedule in business growth tasks at this time. I also block out fixed time blocks for family and work so that I know what I should be focusing on at that time. 

Would you suggest this type of business for other mothers?

Absolutely! What’s great about freelancing and having an online business is that it’s location independent. You work on your own terms and on your own schedule. If you plan your time well, the balance and freedom it gives is amazing. There isn’t a more exciting time to carve out your little space online as well.

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