Living Well Planner review

How to Plan Your Perfect Year with The Living Well Planner

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I was tired of drawing the same spread over and over in my Bullet Journal. I was sure there had to be a planner out there that had what I needed but how to find it?
That is when The Living Well Planner came into my life and saved my sanity!


Living Well Planner review

There are tons of different pages in The Living Well Planner. They cover everything from Goal Setting, Budgeting, Gratitude and both Monthly and Weekly planning. There are even spaces for Meal Planning and To-Do Lists.

This planner is perfect if you need one place to keep everything in your life organized.

Project Management

My favorite pages in the Living Well Planner are the Project Management pages. They are simple but have plenty of room for checklists, idea, sketches and a schedule.

Living Well Planner Review - Project Management Pages

I have been using them for all the things I need to keep track of as I launch my course Mompreneur in the Making. I have deadlines listed there and then move them to the monthly calendar and the weekly spread. I’ve kept ideas and notes for future reference.

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Since this was such a big project I actually used three months of Project Management pages. It is so nice to look back at the beginning and see how much I have actually done! I made note of a few key statistics the first month and can really see progress in my business.

If you have a big project coming up this can help you keep all the pieces in one place. You can take notes in meetings, make checklists, and more!

Goal Crushing

The Living Well Planner also has some great pages for setting goals. It lets you set three big goals for the month and then has space for smaller goals and events down below. This page is great for thinking about what your month needs to cover and what is a NEED to get done.

Living Well Planner Review Goal Setting Pages

The three big goals can then be planned out on the following pages. You can write down motivations, objectives, steps to get there and more.

I love having a place to write down my goals that I can look at on a regular basis. It is so important to have your goals right in front of you so you don’t forget what you want to accomplish.

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My husband and I have been working on setting up and sticking to a monthly budget. The budget pages in the Living Well Planner have been a great way for me to keep track of our monthly budget.

I have realized that I really have no idea how to use a budget. Luckily, I found Tasha at The Frugal Fit Girl! She has been helping me set up a budget for each pay period and figure out how to stay in it. We have been focusing on paying down our debt and once we pay off our credit cards we are going to start saving for a house.

Between Tasha and the Living Well Planner I think we will be able to buy a home by the end of the year!

The Living Well Planner Review Budgeting Pages


One of the unexpected benefits of using the Living Well Planner has been the Gratitude page. It has really helped me to focus on what positive events have happened each month.

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I write down fun events we did as a family, good things that happened in my business and personal goals that I have reached. I am a pretty positive person by nature but it is really helping me to be grateful for all the things that are going well in my life.

This month has been hard for a variety of reasons. I have been feeling pretty down and overwhelmed for the last few weeks. Focusing on what is going right has been helping me pull out of my funk.

I never started a Gratitude page in my Bullet Journal and don’t know if I ever would have started keeping track without the Living Well Planner.

The Living Well Planner Review

The Living Well Planner vs. The Bullet Journal

It is important to me to be able to start a planner at any time of year. I hate having to wait for January 1st! Both the Living Well Planner and a Bullet Journal can be started at anytime. The Living Well Planner is undated so you can write in the dates when you start it or as you go. A bullet journal is essentially the same, you can start at any point.

A bullet journal is more flexible with the types of pages you can create. There are thousand of prompts for different spreads online. Pinterest is full of ideas and tutorials. The Living Well Planner is already set up one way so you don’t have the flexibility but it includes all the most important pages that I use on a regular basis.

The Living Well Planner could use more blank pages in each month. At this point there is only one page for notes at the end of each month. I would like to see at least three so that I can take notes on webinars, or brainstorm blog posts and not lose my notes. The bullet journal doesn’t have this issue, you can take notes at any point. This is one of the reasons I still have a dedicated business bullet journal.

The Living Well Planner is a bit bigger than my bullet journal was. I can still toss it in my bag but it is too heavy for bringing with me on a daily basis. Pages are 7.5″ x 9.5″ and with the cover and spiral binding it makes it about 8.5″ x 10″ and an inch thick. The spiral binding lets it open completely flat and stay open which is super nice!

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How will you use it?

The Living Well Planner is perfect for planning out the big picture. It gives you an overview of what needs to happen not only for the year, but each month and each week. The practice of setting Monthly Goals will help you to focus on what is a need and what is a want for the month.

It is so easy to feel like you have to get it all done and done now. The Living Well Planner is totally helping me to focus on what I can actually do in a given amount of time.

Think about all you could accomplish if you were writing down all of these goals and tasks on a regular basis!

Plan Your Best Year - The Living Well Planner is saving me time and money on a daily basis. I love the project management pages and budget spread. I replaced my bullet journal and use this for my daily planning now.

Looking to get your own Living Well Planner?

You can head on over to the Living Well Shop to check out the planner and all it’s accessories, including stickers, daily to-do lists and sticky notes.

The Living Well Planner costs $55 and there is free shipping on US orders over $75, which is easy to hit if you get a few accessories. It will ship to you within 24 hours and you can start it the day it arrives!

You can watch me open my new planner for 2017-2018. I got the special edition cover this year!


What do you look for in a planner?


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