why you should invest in your business

Why You Should Invest in Your Business

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Even when you’re just starting out, you should invest in your business.

1. Avoid Stagnation

The number one reason to invest in your business is because you want to avoid stagnation.

There’s nothing worse than getting to a point in your business and feeling stuck, feeling like you don’t know how to take the next step, or feeling like you need a skill that you don’t have yet.

When you take the time to invest in your business from the beginning, you’re going to find that business is a lot easier to build.

I learned this lesson the hard way. There was a point when I was starting a blog where I really wanted to launch a product. It was so overwhelming to me. I feel like I had no idea even where to start. I didn’t know what steps I needed to take. I didn’t know anything about how to launch a product and actually sell it. I waited way too long. I definitely lost money by not learning how to launch.

When I finally invested and I started launching and I did it right, I actually had a launch that made me money. Imagine that!

So I think it’s really important to realize when you don’t know how to take the next step, or you don’t have a skill that you know, you need to learn it’s important to invest.

2. Avoid Burnout

The second reason I think is important to invest in your business is that when you move faster, you avoid burnout.

I don’t know how many people I see they start a business as a hobby. They never really get to go full-time, be totally burnt out, and they give it up.

I hate to see that happen to people.

When you take the time to invest some of your earnings back into the business, you’re going to be able to grow faster and you’re going to enjoy it more because it won’t feel like such a chore.

There was a point where I almost sold my blog. It felt like I just didn’t have anything left to give to it. I had been moving really slowly. I had young kids, there was a lot of other stuff to focus on and I was just pretty burned out.

I ended up taking a few months off, figured out some things that I needed to learn, invested in myself, and got back to my blog.

It’s still going today.

3. Free Resources Only Go So Far

The third reason that I think you need to invest in your business is because free resources only go so far.

Hopefully, I’ve provided you with some great free resources. There’s a ton of them out there and they do really help, but the thing is they only get you so far.

Hiring a coach to help me in my VA business was instrumental in getting me to the point where I felt comfortable starting my own agency.

Imposter syndrome is a real thing, and for me, it was holding me back.

I was scared to raise my prices. I was scared to reach out to people I didn’t know so well.

When I finally invested and got somebody to help me see those things that were holding me back, my business exploded and it’s only been growing since then.

If you’re looking to invest in yourself, there are three important things to focus on.

Invest in courses to learn something new.

To strengthen your skills and build your business, invest in courses that are going to teach you something that you know you’re weak on.

There are tons of courses you can take to brush up on things, or maybe it’s something that you’re just interested in.

However, if it’s not going to help you directly in your business, stop and walk away from the course.

There is definitely such a thing as course hoarding. I might be guilty of that!

Having courses that you’re never going to finish because they’re not really essential to your business doesn’t help you. It’s wasted money.

So make sure you’re investing in courses that are going to help you
actually take the next step in your business.

why you should invest in your business

The second thing that’s important to invest in is help.

Whether it’s a coach, a virtual assistant, or a social media manager, somebody that is going to help you advance your business by taking things off your plate so that you can focus on the things you’re really good at
is going to be super super helpful to the growth of your business.

Coaches can be game-changing. People who can look at your business
and say, “Hey, you need to be focusing here and not here,” or people that are just going say, “You know, what you’re experiencing is imposter syndrome and you need to get over it, get out there, and show the world what you have,” can really change everything in your business.

The last thing that you should definitely be investing in is tools.

Getting a tool that’s going to make your life easier, it’s going to do something faster than you can do it, or it’s going to take something off your plate so you didn’t have to do it at all, means that you can focus on your zone of genius.

It’s like the difference between walking to work and taking a car to work.

Both will get you to work on time, but it’s going to take so much longer to walk when you could ride and be there in half the time, ready to start your day.

So the three reasons that I think you should invest in your business are:

  • to avoid stagnation
  • to move faster and avoid burnout
  • because free resources only go so far.

The three things that I think you should invest in are:

  • courses that are going to teach you something you need to learn
  • help, such as coaching or virtual assistants
  • tools that will save you time or energy and let you focus on the things you are really good at.
why you should invest in your business

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