Customer Profile: Don’t Write a Word of Copy Until You Do This!

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You might have heard the warning,

“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.”

– Meredith Hill

There is nowhere that is truer than in your sales copy. You want to be speaking to one person when you write. Not a type of person or group of people, but one very specific person.

This can be called a customer profile, client profile, avatar or ideal customer. Any name you call it though, it’s super important to any business.

How to create an ideal customer profile

What is a customer profile?

A customer profile is a summery of who exactly your ideal customer is. From where they live, their family life and job, to what keeps them up at night and what they desire from their life.

You can base this person on a real life person, or make them up completely. But you want to make them as real to you as possible.

This profile that you create is going to help you know exactly what to say and how to say it when you sit down to write.

How do you know who your ideal customer is?

Part of creating your customer profile is figuring out who you want to talk to in your writing.

Are you focusing on who you were a few years ago? Or someone that is like a friend or relative? Or maybe you’re talking to someone who is totally different from you!

You’ll want to think about what you have to share or teach and who really needs that information.

If you’re blog or business is established, you can also see who is currently reading it by looking at the demographics in Google Analytics, or the analytics in Facebook and Pinterest.

Ideal customer workbook

Once you’ve figured out who you want to talk to, then you need to use that as a basis to make up everything about your ideal customer.

Personally, I make sure that all the aspects of my avatar are things that I can speak to. Like, I wouldn’t make her divorced because I have no idea what that is like. She could have less kids than me, or live in a different state, because those are things that I can still access.

How to use the Ideal Customer Workbook

Once you’ve decided who your ideal customer is then you want to flesh them out. That is where the Ideal Customer Workbook comes in handy!

Download your copy by filling out this form:

[convertkit form=906956]

Now, you’ll want to give them a name and a face. Look through magazines or stock photos to find a photo that you can use for them.

The workbook will walk you through questions to ask in order to think about their personality, hopes, dreams and fears.

Go with your gut if you have questions about them. If you get stuck on a section then walk away and think about it for a while.

You can also interview real life people if you need deeper information. Sit down with a friend or get on the phone with a current customer and ask them the questions in the workbook. Or, use a resource such as Answer the Public.

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How to use your Customer Profile

Envision this person every time you sit down to write. Write like you are talking straight to them. Don’t try to appeal to everyone in your writing, just this singular person.

This person is made up but should be someone that would be easy for you to talk to and advise about your topics. They should feel friendly to you.

If you’re struggling to think of blog post topics, or product to create, sit down with the Ideal Customer Workbook and brainstorm ideas.

Think about what this person really needs in their life. What questions are they asking on their journey? What can you provide that would help them with their problems.

I also love to think about words that will connect with your ideal customer. What words make them feel included? What words make them feel left out? How can you speak to their soul?

I often see people asking about which social media platforms they should be using. This is easily answered if you’ve create a customer avatar.

If your avatar is fully fleshed out, you should know exactly where they hang out online. Don’t waste your time on Twitter if your ideal customer spends all her time on Pinterest.

Revisit your customer profile on occasion. Just like you, they can grow and change. You can update this profile to reflect changes in your business too.

Adding an Ideal Customer Profile to your business can be a great way to connect with real customer. When you start getting told that it’s like your in a customer’s head, you’ll know that you’ve created the perfect customer profile!

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