How to Score Your First VA Client

How to Score Your First Virtual Assistant Client in 3 Easy Steps

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New Virtual Assistant? Here’s how to find virtual assistant clients

I have been a Virtual Assistant for a little over a year now. I have had a variety of clients, from family members and local businesses to strangers who found me online. Getting that first VA client signed up is a big deal! And one that people seem to fear the most.

There are three main ways that I have obtained virtual assistant clients. Before you set out to procure clients make sure that you have a good idea of what type you want to work for. It is important to have already set up a website with information on what kinds of services you offer and a contact form.

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Score Your First VA Client with These Strategies!

Reach out to Friends and Family on Social Media

Write a post on your personal Facebook page, send out a Tweet, post about your new business on LinkedIn. Don’t keep this exciting news to yourself!

Spread the word far and wide that you are open for business and accepting clients. Link everything to your website, mention what kind of services you offer and make sure there are multiple ways to contact you listed on your website.

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Join Local Organizations

Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Look for a local networking club. I am a member of a women business owners group, Women Inspiring Women, that hosts networking lunches, conferences, and a great Facebook group. It has been a great way to connect with other VA’s and potential clients.

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Volunteer for Local Non-Profits

I volunteered to redesign the websites of three local non-profits when I was just starting out. They benefited by getting a new site and I got some testimonials for my website.

I added the testimonials along with a link so that potential clients could see my work. The non-profits liked my work and spread the word that I was looking for clients, this led to some more local work for me as well.

These strategies have worked well for me, I have had steady work for the last year and built a solid business.

What strategies are you using to find clients?

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