3 Steps to a New Business Name

How to Name Your Business in Three Easy Steps

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Choosing a Business Name

Starting a business takes a lot of time and energy but nothing is more mind numbing than choosing a business name. Not only do you need something that evokes that right feelings in potential customers but it also needs to be available as a domain name and on social media. It can be overwhelming!

It is so easy to go wrong when naming your business. After looking at a list of potentials for a hour it can seem like nothing makes any sense.

I have put together three things you should make sure not to do and three steps to help you choose the perfect name.

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3 Steps to a New Business Name

What Not To Do When Choosing a Name

1. Don’t Be Cute

It might seem like choosing a funny spelling or using a word like “shoppe” is cute but it will make it harder for people to search you out. Don’t replace a Q with a K or an F with a PH or you risk sending customers to the wrong business when they try to do a search for you.

2. Don’t Be Generic

Choose something that has personality! Don’t use too many generic words that don’t evoke a feeling in your customers. Choose words that are descriptive and bold, then you can mix in a few words that are more general.

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3. Don’t Copy

It is good to get inspiration from business names you like, but don’t choose anything too close. The number of blogs that use a combination of smart, mom, business and blog is overwhelming and I am constantly getting them mixed up. I am sure it was unintentional but make sure to Google your choice to make sure there is nothing too close. Google mixed up versions of your name too so you don’t miss anything.

Make Finding a Name Easy

How to Name Your Small Business 1. Get Inspired

When you are ready to start naming your business take a few minutes to look at similar businesses for some inspiration. Make note of what feelings their names evoke, what kinds of customers they are trying to attract, and what words they use in their copy. Start a list of the words you like and would like to be associated with your business.

2. Make a List of Words You Love

Brainstorm a list of words you use to describe your business. Use adjectives, nouns, place names, colors, verbs, anything that gives a sense of what your business is about. Add words that you want associated with how your business makes customers feel. Add synonyms to those words using a Thesaurus.  Narrow your list down to around 10 words you love.

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Name Your Business with bustaname.com

Bust a Name is an awesome site that will let you put in a list of words, combined them and show you which domains are available. I love playing around with it!

Use bustaname.com to name your new small business

Put all 10 words you love in the box at the top and hit add. Use bustaname.com to name your new small businessThey will now be listed in Box #2, use the subtract icon to remove any word you decide you don’t want.If you hover over the blue arrow you will see a list of synonyms that you can add.

Use bustaname.com to name your new small business

Box #3 will start to show possible combinations that are available as domains when you have entered enough words. You can move them to Box #4 to save them for later review.Use bustaname.com to name your new small business

You can play around with the check boxes on the bottom, adding three word combinations, prefixes or suffixes, and choosing what kind of domain extensions you want to use.Use bustaname.com to name your new small business

There is also a Domain Maker Tool that will build a domain using your chosen word. This makes some weird combinations but is kinda fun to play around with.Use bustaname.com to name your new small businessOnce you have found a few domains that you like check them on social media to make sure they are not taken and choose your favorite! It’s that easy!

Have you named a business? What was your strategy?

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3 thoughts on “How to Name Your Business in Three Easy Steps”

  1. Great info in this article. I totally agree that choosing a name is daunting. For me I felt like I took a risk in having a name that isn’t completely descriptive, but I liked it so much (and it was available) thus I just couldn’t give it up. 🙂

      1. I knew I wanted a two-word name that evoked a sense of “home” without any of those overused words (similar to your own quest to avoid the common ones for your niche). Roost seemed to click for me, and then I focused in on an adjective, using a free domain-checker tool to see what was available. So while it’s not much of a method, I’d say this old adjective-noun system *should* leave one with a name that’s half descriptive, half creative. Bust a name seems like a really useful tool- I totally would have used it if I’d known about it! 😀

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