How to Add an Upsell on Teachable

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Make more money on Teachable

If Teachable is your platform of choice, you’re gonna want to watch this video!

Learn how to add an upsell on Teachable that will help you to earn more money and done right can provide a great experience for your customers.

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What is an upsell?

An upsell is a product that you sell to someone immediately after they buy a product. It’s like a product tripwire. Just like a tripwire, there is usually a significate discount for an upsell.

Teachable added the option to include an upsell on their Thank You Page, but it takes some finesse to get right.

I’ve made a video showing how to do it and what to include.

How to add an upsell on Teachable

Why should you add an upsell on Teachable?

An upsell is a great way to make more money through your school. According to research from Neil Patel, upsells and cross-sells account for 10-30% of eCommerce revenue!

It’s also easier to sell to someone who is already a customer than it is to sell to someone who has never brought from you. You’ve already warmed them up and convinced them to purchase one thing so they already trust you.

This is also an awesome way to add a tripwire to a free course that you might use as a lead magnet!

Adding an upsell on Teachable

Three things an upsell page needs

There are a few things you definitely want to include on your Teachable upsell page.

First, make sure to include the course name. If you just add the upsell module, it only includes a button and no one will know what it is for.

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Second, add a great graphic and a paragraph or two about the product. Or a short video that tells what the product is all about.

Third, include language about what kind of discount they are getting! You can choose which coupon to apply to the product and that discount will be indicated on the button, but I like to add wording to the headline that includes the percentage or dollar amount off.

Wondering if it’s better to use a percentage or dollar amount? Use whichever is a bigger number!

Three rules for upsell pages

Sell a related product

Make sure the upsell you are offering is closely related to the product they already bought.

You want to offer them the “next step” in their journey or a product that they will use with the product they just bought.


  • A Facebook Ads course with an Ad Template upsell
  • A Work from Home course with a Coaching Membership upsell
  • A Decluttering Course with a Checklist Library upsell

Give a discount

Your upsell should have a discount associated with it. Teachable makes it easy to use a coupon on your upsell page that will change the price on the button.

This purchase should be a no-brainer for your customers. Be generous with your discount. There are no set rules for percentages or dollar amounts, but give enough of a discount that passing up on the purchase would be hard.

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Make your headline amazing

Take your time to craft a headline that will really grab people attention. A Thank You Page is often just skimmed or closed without reading.

The headline is your chance to make someone stay and read your offer. Don’t just throw any old headline up there, make it stop people in their tracks!

Now you know how to add an upsell on Teachable! Once you’ve read this post and watched the video, it should only take you a few minutes to add one. Those few minutes will be worth you’re while when you start making more per sale than you have before!

Use this simple trick to make more money with your Teachable school! Learn how to add an upsell on Teachable. #upsell #course

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