Using Facebook as a Small Business

How to Start a Facebook Business Page

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Should you start a Facebook Business Page or a Group?

Did you know that Facebook forbids you from using your personal account to conduct business?

Their terms of service are very clear that they will shut your profile down if you use it for business purposes. A profile is only for personal use. See #4 below.

Facebook Terms of Service

(Also, note you can only have one personal account!)

So where does that leave you when you want to market your business on Facebook? It leaves you with using either a Page or a Group, or both!

But how do you decide? Well, they both work very differently. In this post, I am going to go through what a Page does and how it can be used.

Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page is like a profile for your business. It is the place that people will go to find out more about your business. You want to make sure you fill out all the appropriate information such as when you are open, where you are located, link to your website and provide a way to contact you such as email or phone number.

You will want to encourage people to “like” your Business Page. This will help your posts to reach more people. Facebook is going to show your posts to a small percentage of people who like your page and then decide how many more people should see it depending on the engagement of those few people.

What is engagement you ask? Well, a like, comment or share of the post are all different kinds of engagement. Basically, all the ways that people can interact with your post.

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So what makes it different from a Personal Profile?

Your Facebook Business Page is public. It is searchable on Facebook and search engines and an easy way to promote your business.

When you create your Business Page you are also creating a Business Account with Facebook. This allows you to do things such as Boost posts (I’ll explain this more later), create ads, and schedule posts for later.

Your Page also includes analytics so that you can see what post types are working for your particular audience.

You can also use your Business Page to post on other Pages or a connected group as your business, instead of a personal profile. This is great if you want to keep your personal profile private.

All of this gives you some authority that you would not have just using your personal profile. In fact, Facebook will investigate any Page deemed spammy or fake and take them down. This helps to give all pages more authenticity.

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How to create your Facebook Business Page

This video goes over how to start a Facebook Business Page from your personal profile. I say in the beginning that you should choose Brand as your business type, but if you have a local business then choose that option.


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Personal Page Worries

One of the questions that I see over and over again is “Will my Personal Profile be connected to my Business Page?”

The answer is no…and yes. Did that help? ?

Your Personal Profile will be connected to your Business Page in that you will need to be logged in to your account in order to access both. Your profile will be listed as an Admin for Facebook and they would contact you through your profile with any issues.

The “no” comes in because no one who “likes” your Business Page will see that you own the page. They will not be able to see to which Personal Profile the page belongs. Your posts on the page will default to being from the Page and you will have to manually change it if you want them to be from your Personal Profile.

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What do I post on a Page?

Pages should be used to promote your business, share content that your customers would enjoy or be looking for and overall is a representation of your business to the public.

A few things you shouldn’t do:

  • Do not use your Page to post personal information, unless you are your brand.
  • Don’t post controversial news, unless that is your brand.
  • Don’t post only links to other websites, share to your website too.

Things you should do:

  • Post a variety of content such as videos, photos, links, articles, inspirational quotes, questions, etc.
  • Advertise your latest sale or coupon.
  • Post funny, happy, uplifting information as much as possible, unless that is off brand.
  • Post regularly! Don’t go weeks between posts. Schedule out a few weeks if that helps you. (see video for instructions)
  • Always reply to comments! Don’t let your customers think you don’t care.
  • Answer messages in a timely manner, within 24 hours if possible.

Wait…what about groups?

Well, I’ve written so much already that I’m going to make you wait! I’m writing another big post all about Facebook Groups and how to use them coming out next week.

I promise it will be just as juicy and full of all the answers that you need! So make sure you come back on Monday!

In the meantime, enter your email below for my list of 11 Popular Things to Post on Your Facebook Business Page! 

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