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How to Write an Email Sequence for Your Sales Funnel

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Why Should You Create an Email Sequence?

The email sequence is one of the most important parts of your sales funnel. It is the place where people get to know you and what you’re all about.

These emails will help you develop a relationship with your subscribers that builds up your “know, like and trust” factor and makes it easier to sell them your products.

Your emails will walk your readers along a path from welcome through a series of pain points and then to a solution, your product!

I’ve already talked about what a sales funnel is and how to set one up, so I’m going to dive right into the where and how of the email sequence.

email sequence funnel


I’ve talked before about how much I love ConvertKit. There’s not much it can’t do!

One of the best parts of ConvertKit is how easy it is to set up tags, segments, and automations. This allows you to send specific emails to people who opt-in to your mailing list in different ways.

Depending on what you sell, digital products, courses or physical products, and how many products you sell, you might need to write a few different sequences.

ConvertKit will allow you to set up automations to deliver those sequences on autopilot depending on how people enter your list.

So what should your email sequence include?

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Welcome Email

The welcome email is optional, depending on how well known you are to a new subscriber and how ready they are to buy. If they have joined your list from a general opt-in because they are interested in you, then definitely send them a welcome email.

This is the email that will deliver whatever freebie you offered to sign up and a link to your Resource Library if you have one. Make sure to tell them how to use your freebie and point out some of the benefits of using it.

It should also include a short story about who you are and what your business is about. Keep it light and interesting to read and show off a bit about your knowledge.

Value Emails

The next section of your email sequence should be of value to your subscribers.

Value can be something they can use, like a .pdf, coupon or short course, but value can also mean entertainment for your readers.

I like to start these emails with an entertaining story or educational story. These not only engage the audience but can help them get to know, like and trust you.

Remember: limit yourself to asking the reader to do only ONE thing per email such as download a freebie, click a link to your blog post, or reply to your email.

This section should be no more than five emails. Two or three is pretty standard, but you can do a few more if you have a lot to share.

email funnel

Sales Emails

Now we come to the slightly more intimidating part, convincing someone to buy your product.

You should plan on five emails in this section.

In the first email, talk about a pain point that your reader has related to your product. Talk about how it affects their lives and how difficult it can make things for them. Really drive that point home. Make them feel the pain!

You can mention your product, but don’t sell it yet.

In the second email, choose another pain point to cover. Again, really drive home how difficult this pain point can make their life. Then tell them how your product will make their lives easier.

The next email will ask for the sale. If you are going to give a discount or coupon, make the offer here. Tell them about your product and how it is used to make life easier.

Email four will be Frequently Asked Questions. This is where you will ease the reader’s doubts and tell them how to order and how to use your product.

The final email will be a hard push to the sale. Make sure you are directly asking them to click through and make a purchase. This email doesn’t have to be long, but if your sale is for a limited time only, make sure to make that very clear.

If you want to make your deadline even clearer, you can use a timer app like MotionMail (its free!) to embed a countdown clock on the bottom of all your sales emails. This can work well to create some urgency for your sale.

I know it can seem overwhelming, but once you sit down and start writing, just follow this outline and you’ll be done in no time!

It’s much easier than you think, and a well-written email sequence will make all the difference in your sales funnel.

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It doesn't have to be hard to create an email sequence for your first sales funnel. This post has some great tips and an overview of the best types of emails to include. #emailsequence #salesfunnel

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