Learn how to write copy, build sales page and funnels with these ebooks, workbooks and courses.

Sales Page Secrets

Learn to write amazing sales page copy using the Copy Blocks Method and watch your sales pages practically write themselves!

Quick Start Sales Page Bundle

A quick and dirty guide to building your first (or next) sales page! 

Do you struggle to write sales pages that make sense? Are you constantly questioning your copy? Wondering if you're even on the right page?

It's time to grab your copy of The Quick Start Sales Page Bundle.


Quick Start Sales Funnels

Have you heard that Sales Funnels can change your business but have no idea where to start? This ebook is the answer!

Get an overview of how a Sales Funnel works and how to set up your first funnel.

Plus, learn my favorite resources, my secret for keeping track of all the sales funnel pieces and a checklist for building your own funnel.


Build a Better Business in 5 Days

Is your business struggling? Or just not growing as you hoped? It's time to take a look at what you can improve!

From your branding and marketing to your accounting and operating procedures, learn how to evaluate and improve all aspects of your business.

This 40-page ebook covers how to perform each evaluation and has special worksheets for you to record and analyze information.


Quick Start Virtual Assistant Biz

Ready to start working as a Virtual Assistant but not sure where to start? Grab this 30-page ebook and learn how to start your business in just a few hours.

From naming your business to building an online presence and getting your first clients, this book covers all the basics.

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