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Do You Need An Email List to Launch?

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I’m sure your launch checklist is a mile long. One thing you may be wondering about is how big of an email list you need to launch. Recently, I was asked this question because someone wanted to know whether their list was big enough to launch an actual product.

The hard answer is: there’s no magic number of subscribers that have to be on your list for a successful launch. However I do recommend that you have an email list in the first place.

Start Adding Targeted People to Your List

While there’s no set number of people you have to aim for before launching a product or service, your primary focus should be quality over quantity.

If you go out and just ask anyone to join your list no matter what their interest is, it really doesn’t matter how many people you add-on there. You won’t have a good conversion rate with this strategy.

You could have 250 people on your list, but if they are really warm leads that you have nurtured and you have targeted, then you could have an amazing conversion rate on that list. You could convert way more sales than with 1,000 people who don’t really care about what you’re selling.

It’s not about the number of people on your list. It’s about who those people are.

  • Are they the right people?
  • Have you been interacting with them?
  • Do you send them regular newsletters or information or freebies or you know, however you interact with your list?
  • Do they know who you are?
  • Are they going to open your emails?

Those are more the questions that you should be asking yourself.

Focus On Your Email List Over Building Social Media

So one of the reasons that your email list is so important is because it’s one of those things you own. You can email those people when ever you want and share whatever you want. I wouldn’t email them every hour, but you can email them every day. You could, email them as much as you want if you’re marketing effectively and providing valuable information.

With social media, you really have no control over your reach unless you’re paying money. The Facebook algorithm and Instagram algorithm are going to show your posts to certain people and you have no control over it.

As a result, your conversion rate on your email list will always be better than social media. 

Start Actively Building Your List Before You Launch

You’ll need to make sure that you’re building a targeted list if you’re getting ready to launch. This can mean running a challenge or having a new freebie, doing a webinar. Or, simply providing something that you can promote a new audience and encourage them to sign up for your list.

That way, you can start sending emails and nurturing them over time. This is another thing that you need to think about. If you’re getting ready to launch a product or you’re building out a sales funnel, make sure that you’re nurturing that audience. Send them a lead-up sequence that talks about why they’re going to need a product like this or that big pain point that you can solve with your product.

Make sure you’re prepping them and getting them to feel like “Yeah, this is really annoying, I really do need to solve this some way!”

Your Email Messaging is More Important Than List Size

When you’re ready to launch just make sure you’re emailing them at least every day during that launch period. Maybe the first day is 2 emails, the last day is 2-3 emails, etc. Just keep in touch with them throughout.

You’re going to sell most of your  product either the first day or the last day, but you will have people trickle in over the course of the launch so make sure you’re keeping in touch and reminding them that this is happening. 

You’re highlighting different things about your offer. Maybe it’s a bonus that’s available if you pay in full, or maybe it’s a live you’re going to do in your Facebook group where you’re going to talk through the product.

You need to communicate with your list throughout the whole entire launch. So the answer is no, you don’t need a certain number of people on your list to launch but you do need to focus on your list to launch. You do need to be consciously building it before the launch, warming those people up and then staying in contact through that entire launch cycle. I hope this helps in your next launch and you take the time to really build out an email list and not keep those people warm.

do you need an email list to launch emma lee bates

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