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How to Design a Small Home Office Space

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Designing a Small Home Office Space

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If you are anything like me you work pretty much anytime you have a free moment. While the kids are watching a show, or at nap time, after they are in bed or first thing in the morning before they get up.

I am constantly moving my things around from the living room to the kitchen table, sometime even to right beside my bed so I can work while the baby sleeps next to me.

The Portable Office

Kristen Wheeler at Balanced Bliss Organizing used a portable home office for her needs. I love the idea of having a caddy with my office supplies that I can move around the house.

I use a small caddy to house my office supplies- any bag with pockets will do here. In my office caddy I have some fun pens, a paper trimmer, a couple of clip boards, highlighters, sharpies, chapstick, a hole punch, washi tape, post-its, and a small container holding my mini stapler, staples, and paper clips. I also always have my laptop or tablet, my bullet journal, and any client files or projects I may be working on (I try to keep these digitally). For me, these are the essentials of my office. ~Kristen Wheeler

I already have my washi tape and markers in a pencil box that is easy to take with me, but it doesn’t fit everything. I found a few ideas on Amazon, this caddy looked pretty handy for the amount of stuff I like to carry around. But I felt I still needed a dedicated space.

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The Dedicated Office

I finally decided to turn a small unused stair landing into an office for myself. Even if I don’t always work there it is nice to have a place to put all my stuff when I am not using it.

It started out looking like this…How to design a small home office

Basically a cluttered mess. That piece of furniture in the middle is a desk though. One side folds up to create a work space. And a few of those random things are actually office storage.

The amount of stuff that can accumulate on any flat surface is amazing. I always get so stressed out looking at those piles but once I start cleaning it always seems to go way faster than I fear.

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So first I cleaned everything out of there. Starting with a blank canvas is the best way to get an idea of what will fit in your space.

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I got the desk unfolded and put the letter trays in the corners. Everything was dusty so I did what any mom would do and cleaned everything with baby wipes. 🙂

The old papers and pens that didn’t work got thrown away. I found a small plastic container for my colored pencils and markers. Then I put regular pens and pencils in a holder for easy access.

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The Final Design

You can see I have a big blank wall space to the right of my desk. I am planning to find a big cork board or cork tiles to go there. I would love to create a editorial calendar or brainstorm space like Suzi at Start a Mom Blog. There are also a few picture frames that are waiting to be filled with pictures of my kids and hung up.

The rainbow drawers are one of my favorite things. I bought it as an unfinished piece at IKEA, so long ago that it makes me feel old to think about it. I painted it the summer I graduated from high school and have lugged it around with me ever since. Desk | Home Office | Clean

I’m loving my new space. I have been using it anytime I am kid free at home…so maybe once or twice a week if I’m lucky. When I am not working there I leave my folders, business bullet journal and the business books I am currently reading all at the ready.

This space is very easy to keep clean because it is so small. It is a flat surface so I have to be careful of filling it up with miscellaneous papers but since it is upstairs I don’t find myself putting things down on it very often.

Sitting down in this space instantly make me ready to work. It is a different mindset to have a dedicated work space instead of fitting it in between making snacks and wiping noses.

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Create Your Own Home Office

Sometimes as Moms we don’t do enough for ourselves. It is hard to find the time for a big project but I encourage you to think about where you create your own space. Is there a small closet that you could take the door off of and use as an office space? Or how the corner of a guest room?

Find yourself a small desk or folding table to use and put together a space where you can focus on your work. Decorate with some of the things you love, photos, a few keepsakes or pretty storage boxes.

Speaking of storage, use plenty! I love this homemade marker caddy and these DIY storage boxes.

You might not use it everyday but if you keep it only for working you will be conditioned to do your best work there.

Where do you work at home?

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4 thoughts on “How to Design a Small Home Office Space”

    1. Absolutely! I love your space and will definitely be working on some sort of post-it note editorial calendar in the future.

  1. That is a cozy little space! As for me, I just get to work wherever I am – as long as I have a chair or stool and a table at the right height, then all is good. It is time to be done travelling and start settling down here in Romania.

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