7 tips to change your mindset for better success

7 Creative Ways to Change Your Mindset for Better Success

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You already know the secret to success

Don’t believe me? Look around at your life… I’ll wait….

You’re already a success at something, aren’t you?

Are you a successful partner? Or a successful mother?

Have you already built a career or a business?

Do you have the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever? (If you do, please share!)

Just because you are still working on succeeding at something new, doesn’t mean you haven’t already achieved¬†success in some aspect of your life.

It’s easy to forget that we already have the skills that we need to be successful.

The flexibility that you use to be a good partner or mother, the dedication you used to build your business or career, the effort it took to develop that cookie recipe, all of that can be used to build your next success.

Here are seven tips to help you change your mindset and build upon your success!

7 tips to change your mindset for better success

Tip 1: Define what success means to you

Sit down and write out what success looks like to you. Don’t write what other people might want, or expect from you, only what would mean success in your mind.

This is your definition of success. It might seem simple, but having a written definition can help you see what steps you need to take to get there.

And once you know what steps to take, it’s easier to take them!

Tip 2: Create a visual of your future success

Much like a vision board, this can help you envision what the future holds for you. Having a simple magazine clipping pinned to your bulletin board, or a quote on your home screen, can help you to hold that goal in your mind.

Keeping your vision in mind daily will help you to keep moving towards that success. And even one small step per day will build up to huge leaps in a year!

Tip 3: Find what motivates you

What gets you up in the morning? What lights a fire under you?

These are the things that you need to harness if you want to succeed.

Figure out a way to work these motivating factors into your goals. Maybe you need to think of a motivating reward you get when you reach a milestone. Or post a photo of your family next to the visual of your goal to remind you why you are trying to succeed.

Tip 4: Celebrate your success milestones

Like choosing a reward after you reach certain goals, or keeping a list of small successes that you’ve achieved, celebrating can be a huge motivator along your success path.

It’s easy to forget how much we have accomplished as we are working towards a big goal and keeping track of how far we have come and celebrating it can change your mindset for the better.

Anytime you feel like giving up, just look over how much you’ve already done, you’ll be surprised at how it can motivate you to keep moving forward!

Tip 5: Pay attention to your surroundings

If you ever start to feel unmotivated and discouraged, look around you. Are you surrounding yourself with positive people who are also working towards goals? Or are you spending too much time with negative people who don’t want you to do anything better than them?

The people that you spend time with have a huge impact on your mindset. Take the time to find like-minded people who will help you celebrate your accomplishments. These are the people who will help you succeed even when you feel like giving up.

Change your mindset for better success tips

Tip 6: Don’t spend all your time working

When you get fired up about your goal and can see how close you are to your success it can be tempting to work towards it in any spare moment. DON’T DO IT!!!

Make sure to spend time doing other things you enjoy. Give your brain a break from work and read a novel or go for a walk.

You need time to think about other things and rest your brain. Seriously, it will thank you!

You’ll feel refreshed when you return to working on your goal, and your brain will be ready to face any challenges with new ideas and energy.

Tip 7: Keep your inner dialogue positive

This can be the hardest tip of all, but keeping your inner monologue positive can have a huge impact on your mindset. If you find that you doubt yourself, or fear the success you are working towards, find a way to reframe it.

We all have doubts. But successful people use their doubts to push themselves forward, instead of letting their doubts stop them.

It’s totally normal to have doubts pop into your mind. But seeing those doubts as just a way to process information, and not TRUTH can help you to fight through.

Remind yourself that “this is normal but I don’t have to listen” when you feel doubts come creeping into your brain.

Keep these tips to change your mindset for better success handy by pinning to your favorite Pinterest board!

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2 thoughts on “7 Creative Ways to Change Your Mindset for Better Success”

  1. Hi Emma!

    I had to comment and say how much I LOVE this post.

    A while ago I really didn’t understand how ‘mindset’ played a role in success. I thought it was a woo-woo kinda thing – and I’m not a woo-woo kinda person. BUT, the past few months have taught me that mindset is everything for success.

    I’ve done a lot of work on my own mindset. And I can’t believe the difference it’s making.

    I haven’t tried made a vision board yet but you’ve convinced me to give it a try!

    Thank you again for this helpful post. I’m sharing it everywhere!!


    1. Lois,
      You have come such a long way! I love having you in my course and have seen you make such huge strides in your mindset.
      It is easy to think it’s just “woo-woo” and I think many people make that mistake!
      Once you start working on it though, you’ll never be the same!
      Share your vision board if you make one,

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