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Stop Designing Ugly Pins! The Complete Blogger Template Toolkit

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Do you ever look at your pins and just sigh?

It feels like you need a graphic design degree to have an online business nowadays. Everything needs to be beautiful and perfectly formatted.

I struggle with making beautiful graphics.

In fact, I’m pretty embarrassed by some of my early attempts.

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*hides head in shame*

Yeah, I’m definitely not a graphic designer.

That’s why I was so excited when I found out about Kara Fidd and her Complete Blogger Template Toolkit!

She is a graphic designer and self-proclaimed Canva whiz who has created the ultimate bundles of Canva templates for bloggers and online business owners.

I bought this a few months ago and can’t believe how useful it’s been. I’ve used it for workbooks, pins, checklists, calendars, and so much more.

What does the Complete Blogger Template Toolkit include?


The Complete Blogger Template Toolkit

And add to that videos about how to edit each template!

It’s a super complete bundle and I keep going back to use it again and again.

How do the templates work?

When you open the course, you can choose one of the template types from the left-hand side.

Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit

This will open that section and give you the link to open the templates themselves in Canva. Once you’ve opened the templates in Canva, you NEED TO MAKE A COPY!

The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit

Once you’ve made your copy, you can rename it and start editing!

(Although, it’s worth going back to the course and watching Kara’s video about how to edit that file first!)

I’ve also created a folder in Canva called Templates that I move the entire file too. This allows me to easily find the templates again instead of having them buried in my feed.

The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit

Then I just click on the one I want to use and choose, Use as Template.

The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit

You can see how having these templates can make designing so much easier!

Doesn’t Canva have templates for free?

Yes, Canva does provide templates…and how often do you look on Pinterest and say, “Oh, that’s from Canva!” Sometimes, people don’t even change the stock photo!!!

I think it is worth buying a bundle of templates like this from Kara because you won’t see these everywhere and your graphics will stand out more.

Also, Kara’s templates are of higher quality than Canva’s templates. She has a great eye for font combinations and is great at laying out designs that are a bit different.

What have I made using Kara’s Canva templates for bloggers?

Here are some of my newer pins that are based on Kara’s templates.

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I’ve also created a few different workbooks such as The Entrepreneur’s Mindset Journal and a new Brand Board!

ELB Brand Board

I’ve got a few more graphics planned for this month and the brand update I’ve been working on. I love how easy The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit makes it to create beautiful graphics in minutes! I’ve been able to sneak in creating graphics when I only have 10 or 15 minutes of time.

So, if you need some new Canva templates and haven’t known where to get beautiful, easy to use templates, see what you can do with The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit!

Make sure to pin for later!

Tired of the same old, ugly pins? Check out the Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit and start designing beautiful graphics for your blog! #designforbloggers #graphicdesign

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