one page business plan template pdf

How to Use a Business Plan Template to Get Unstuck

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2019 has begun. Do you have a plan?

Guest post by Desi-Ann Gordon

In 2018, I discovered Emma (and this blog) when I signed up for Caitlyn Pyle’s Work at Home Summit (WAHS).

My discovery was so timely since I was at a place where I was ‘finding myself’ in the online world. I was relatively a new freelancer (started February 2017) and I was still figuring out the importance of a business plan.

Although I already knew my WHY, I felt stuck. I wasn’t sure what niche I wanted to focus on, what type of clients to pursue, my pricing, and the list goes on.

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One thing I definitely knew is that I had to get my act together if I wanted to be successful.

As I scanned through the list of speakers for Day 2 of WAHS, my eyes fell upon Emma’s topic: Using a Business Plan. “This looks interesting,” I thought.

So I took a break from my busy day to listen to Emma and I’m glad I did. Emma shared a lot! Behind the soft-spoken voice was a woman who understood what her why is and how to achieve it.

Emma offered a free business plan template pdf which I quickly accessed. Such a valuable tool to help kick start your business no matter what niche!

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As Emma accurately stated, this is a critical piece in determining your next steps as a business owner, yet it is often viewed as taboo.

And yes, I too felt I could just dive in and get going. But I was so wrong. To be honest, I didn’t complete the plan immediately.

But after some time, I recognized the importance of a business plan and Emma couldn’t emphasize this enough.

So let’s be real. We want to get into business to make money. Right?

But how do we ensure we are well prepared? Being successful takes work, commitment and most of all, a PLAN!

You’re probably saying that you don’t need a plan. You have clients already or you have checked off items on your checklist.

So while those are great, they are not all to it. There is more to getting your business up and running. And running successfully.

one page business plan template pdf

So let me break it down the benefits of a business plan:

  1. It offers direction for your business. Which one do you prefer? Get lost and refer to your directions or start your journey with no direction at all? Treat your business plan as your roadmap. It will give you a good head start on your journey.
  2. It helps keep you on track. Challenges will come. Distractions will be there to sway you. But with a plan, you can redirect your time, efforts, and energies on your action items.
  3. It helps you to evaluate your progress. As you work on your business, take time to reflect. Refer to your business plan to see how you are doing. Is your business making a profit? Are you getting the clients you want? Are persons attracted to your website, FB page/group, etc.?

There are other reasons why a business plan will help you. And it is good to note that a business plan is not only for newbies or persons now starting out as business owners. It is also beneficial for persons who have been established for some time.

Still in doubt? Well, it won’t hurt to download Emma’s business plan template pdf and give it a try. I did!

Here’s a look at my plan.

As I went through this exercise, it helped me to expand my thinking to areas that were not uppermost in my mind. It was actually very enjoyable!

Emma’s business plan is very simple to follow and focuses on pertinent areas. And the fantastic plus about it is that it’s not cast in stone. Its flexibility enables you to revisit it and tweak it as you go along.

For instance, I left the competitor section blank. I don’t know of anyone who offers the same services (or even similar) to what I want to provide. But as I increase my network and get deeper in online business, I may learn of other VAs or bloggers in the Caribbean who are doing just like me.

Download your own business plan template pdf

So what are you waiting for? Download your business plan template pdf below. You’ll be happy you did.

Happy planning!​

Are you feeling stuck in your small business? Download this business plan template pdf and start organizing your business!

About Desi-Ann Gordon – I write articles on higher education, blogging, and VA living. I’ve done guest posts and some self-published articles here. I’m a VA for a real estate investment company, a part-time Math tutor, and I’m working on my own website.

My passion is to inspire persons in the Caribbean to break free from the 9-5 hustle. I currently help 5 women to experience the kind of freedom, flexibility and family time that I enjoy every day. My hope is that my soon-to-be-launched website will be the voice for aspiring freelancers/bloggers/VAs throughout the Caribbean.

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