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Building a Home-Based Business with Sarah Titus

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I have been following Sarah Titus’s journey as a single mom determined to build the life she dreamed of for herself and her children while working from home. With her blog, you will find resources on saving money, making money online, blogging and so much more.

Recently, I obtained a copy of her Honest Bloggers Bundle and was so impressed with the amount of information and helpful printables. I just had to reach out to Sarah and see if she’d answer a few questions for you guys!

Sarah was eager to answer a few questions on balancing a business while taking care of a family and how other moms can build the life of their dreams from home.

You have an amazing backstory! Can you give us an overview of how you became and overcame homelessness?

I ended up in the homeless shelter due to physical violence by my ex-husband. I was not saved at the time. After I got an apartment, I gave my life to God and began taking one day at a time, focusing on my future, rather than my past.

At first, it was just survival mode. Get through the day without killing yourself due to severe depression. I mean, I lost literally everything. It was tough.

One day turned into a week, a week into a month, a month into a year, and year by year. Just kept focusing on the step ahead of me. Didn’t look back, didn’t look sideways, kept my face fixed on Christ and the next step. Not on the entire road ahead, or I would get overwhelmed, but just the next step.

Right now, for me, that next step is releasing a second course. All of my attention and focus is on the course, until after it launches, then I’ll focus on the next step after that.

When you keep your eyes fixed on just the next step ahead, you are able to accomplish a lot more in your life, rather than trying to do a million things at once. Day by day, things got better for me as I worked hard to create my dreams; it’s really as simple as that.

And now you are a successful blogger, what is your blog about?

My main focus since day one has always been to help moms stay home. I see many women working outside the home, dying inside because they can’t be with their kids.

They miss those monumental moments in their children’s lives like the first time they talk, the first time they walk, when they say, “Mama.” After my ex-husband of 14 years abandoned us, and my kids and I ended up in the homeless shelter, I was bound and determined not to have to work outside the home.

I didn’t know HOW I was going to pull it off, but I figured out a way.

I believe that if I can make it as a single stay at home mom, anyone else can too, especially those who are married and have help! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You just have to want it bad enough and be willing to work HARDER, in the beginning, to set everything up.

My goal now and always will be, to get women home if they wanna be home. Whether that’s teaching them how to save money, how to make money online, start a blog, organize their lives with printables, and everything in between.

How much time do you spend on your business per week?

I currently work about 20 hours a week personally, but I do have 3 assistants who work about 7-10 hours a week each as well.

Any tips for balancing working for yourself and taking care of your family?

I think it’s interesting, whenever I’m asked about how I balance working and my family…everyone always seems to forget to include ourselves. Self-care is so vitally important. I’m not over here running ragged and not taking care of myself.

Because truthfully, when we don’t take care of ourselves, we are less capable to take care of work and our family.

As for balancing, I have a lot of systems set up. I used to float around, letting my emotions dictate my day. But now, I am on schedules and have systems set up for just about everything. I’ve learned to say, “No,” to a lot of good things in order to have the BEST things.

It is a way that I’m able to be the most productive IN my business (accomplishing more than my colleagues and peers), all while yes, balancing my family life. 🙂

If anyone is struggling to set up a system of how to organize and accomplish your projects, my favorite in-depth post on that is here, Step by Step to Completing Your Projects

What are your favorite business/blogging tools?

My number one favorite business tool is my Blogging Binder, which is found within The Honest Bloggers Bundle.

My favorite printable sheet within the binder is the “Yearly Stats” page. Every month, it is SO incredibly VITAL to track all your stats and various things because many of them, you simply cannot go back and get. I started this my first-month blogging and it has really been so valuable to me in so many different ways.

My other favorite tool is my Shopify store. The minute I opened the store, it was like a floodgate opened and I started making tons of money. I was NOT prepared for how successful it would become. It’s first-month open, the store got 7,233 in traffics (6,686 unique visitors) and made $52,060 in revenue! It’s been insane since then. I currently make six figures a MONTH in my store ALONE!

Somehow, I hit the perfect storm. I quickly saw exactly what I needed to do (upsells, discounts, and giving away freebies to get people to the store) and they do the rest. It’s a highly complex system that I created, but boy does it work. I never imagined it would work out so well.

At this point, I am simply adding more systems using the same original system that works for me now.

Those two blogging tools are my absolute favorites at the moment, followed quickly by ConvertKit because of the in-depth analytics.

Sarah Titus on working from home

I recently got your Blogging Binder and love all the pages you include. How did you start selling printables? I mean, in a world of tons of ways to monetize your blog, what made you choose to create and sell printables? Do you enjoy the creative part? Did you see a big need?

I remember sitting there, in the middle of the night on June 1st. I was in the middle of a project and I had two choices. I could run the item through another option or open my own store. I had seen many other blogs have shops and whenever I see something that a lot of others do, I tend to run in the opposite direction (a secret of my success.) 🙂

So, I wasn’t all that thrilled with opening a store. But that night, I thought I’d “try” it. What’s the worst that can happen? If I don’t like it, I’ll try something else. No big deal, right?!

As I was setting up the store, I realized how EASY it was to set up. So, I decided to work on it in a more advanced way. Because honestly, I love a challenge. One thing led to another and I put a link up on my blog navigation bar and started getting immediate traffic to the store.

I sent my first email newsletter giving my list something free, which I do at LEAST once a month. What surprised me, more like SHOCKED me (!!!!) was that my audience was getting the freebie, but buying other things too.

And not only that, the stuff I was giving out for free, they would RATHER pay for it. I literally emailed many of them. I’m like…you know you paid for this, it was free. They just wanted to support me.

I still get many orders like that, where my audience wants to pay instead of getting it free. They feel like I give so much free stuff as it is and want to help. I have THE best audience in the world! Such beautiful hearts.

It really just snowballed from there. The day I hit six figures in my store income, was the day I realized that this is a long-term thing for me. And I’m busy working on many projects to add one by one.

You’ve managed to pay off $30,000 in debt, what is your biggest financial tip?

A little while ago, I shared this exact same tip in my post, 7 Ways I Saved $3,000 This Month.  For me, the most important financial tip is to shop around and start learning WHERE you can get the best deal on what.

A good example is if you asked me where to get cheap umbrella’s. I’d know EXACTLY where to find them at their cheapest price in my area, usually about $5-$6. If you wanted bedding, I’d know exactly where to go to find the bedding the cheapest, but the best quality.

Because each store has different things they sell the cheapest, and in order to save, you’ll want to start learning those things.

Over time, you will learn where to get quality goods cheaper than the off-brands, and it’ll become second nature to you so that when you need something, you can get it at its lowest cost. Long term, this saves you massive amounts of money.

What advice would you offer to a mother who wants to work from home?

Do not let ANYONE tell you that you CAN’T do it.

When I first got out of the homeless shelter, no one supported me.

Not my church, not anyone else.

And when I first started blogging, no one supported me.

Not my church, my mom, friends, no one.

I was told I was being irresponsible for not getting a “stable” out of the home job to take care of my kids. People told me I was fooling myself.

Yet, here I stand. Making six-figures a month. If you want to stay home, stay home. Don’t let anyone stop you (outside of God’s sovereign will). YOU decide your future. Not other people!

Who are your business inspirations?

I try really hard not to look around at what anyone else is doing. For me, I tend to get caught up in trying to keep up with everyone else when I do. I’m terrible at comparing myself to other bloggers.

So, I stay out of all that and keep my nose on my own blog, learning by the best method out there: trial and error.

Final thoughts?

Thank you for having me as a guest on your blog. I’m incredibly thankful to all who are reading. You’re the reason I do what I do. Thank you for helping me get the word out, that moms CAN stay home if they want to!

Sarah Titus

From homeless to six figures/month, this single mom has a passion for showing women they don’t have to work outside the home if they don’t want to. Sarah has been blogging for three years now and considers it a complete joy to mentor other women on her blog and through her newest course, Happily Ever Blogger. She is passionate about showing other moms that blogging is not just some hobby, but a viable way of making a fantastic full-time income.

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