How to Create a Brand Board in Three Simple Steps

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Brand Board: Your Small Business Identity

A Brand Board (or Mood Board) is where you gather all the elements of your brand in one place, such as your brand colors, fonts, and logos.

Sample brand board

This is a sheet that you will refer to over and over again. Every time you need to create a visual element for your brand, a pin for Pinterest, a pdf download, your website, you will use your Brand Board.

Now, I am NOT a graphic designer. I admire the work that graphic designers do and believe that as soon as your business can afford it, you should hire one. (Or, get these awesome templates from Kara who IS a graphic designer!)

But, I am realistic and know that starting a business is expensive. There are many places where you can cut costs as a small business owner. If you have a pretty good eye for design, creating your brand identity is super easy nowadays.

Building a Brand Board Using Canva

Canva is a pretty amazing free online software that will let you create all sorts of graphics. You can choose to save them as .pdf, .jpg or .png. This gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating not only your Brand Board but your logo, social media graphics, and downloads.

I often create Brand Boards for my Virtual Assistant clients, so I’ve made a template. It is pretty simple but should get the job done for just about any business. If you want access just enter your info below and I’ll send it over to you!

[convertkit form=773944]

Keep reading though, I’m going to walk you through all the elements and how to choose them!

Create a brand board or mood board for your small business in three simple steps. Finding just the right colors and fonts doesn't have to be hard! Read these tips and get started right away with branding your business! #branding #smallbiz

Choose your inspiration

I love starting with choosing stock photos that capture the feel of my project. You can use free sites such as Pexels or Unsplash. Enter words that you think will bring up photos with the feel you are going for in your business.

Need some ideas? Try:

  • clean
  • fresh
  • uplifting
  • bold
  • strong
  • natural
  • urban
  • cozy
  • warm
  • happy

Look for between three and five photos that have colors you love. This will be a great place to start for the next section, colors.

Choosing Your Brand Colors

My very favorite way to choose colors is to start at Color Palette. It’s easy to get lost is all the beautiful color grouping. If you have an idea of a color you’d like to start with you can choose a color on the top right.

Choosing a color for brand board

Once you’ve found a palette you really like you can click on it and get the hex codes for each color (that’s the number that starts with a hashtag). These are important to have for Canva so you don’t have to try and match colors, you can get the exact one.Color palette for brand board Another option is to download the Color Pick Eyedropper from the Chrome Extention store. This allows you to get the hex code from anywhere by just hovering and clicking. I use this on photos all the time to grab colors.

Color Pick Eyedropper extention

Choosing Your Brand Fonts

Canva already has a ton of fonts but I like to upload my own for variety. I’ve found a ton of amazing fonts on Creative Market. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the huge variety of choices on Creative Market, so make sure you have the time before you click over!

Powered by Creative Market

Creative Market is also a treasure trove of stock photos, graphics, logo templates, and more!

They’ve also got some super helpful blog posts about pairing fonts. If you struggle to find two fonts that work together, it’s worth reading some of their posts.

Putting it all together in a Brand Board

Now that you have all the pieces, you can start putting it together in your brand board. If you haven’t gotten my template already, just fill out the form below and I’ll send it right over.

[convertkit form=773944]

Now, once you open this template in Canva, you need to MAKE A COPY!!! Do not try to edit this version, you need to make a copy to your Canva account first.

Ok, now that you’ve made a copy you can start trading out the template photos for your photos. You might want to zoom in on specific parts, or center on only a corner of the photo.

You can then update the fonts to your choices. Make sure to update the font name as well as the alphabet.

Next are your colors. You might not use all six. Feel free to delete some of the circles if you only have four or five colors.

Finally, add your logo in the middle, update the name of your business at the top and your website at the bottom.

You have your official Brand Board now! Congratulations!

If you need a little help with how to edit this in Canva, just watch this video.

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