Blog Class that are worth your time and money

Blogging Classes That Are Actually Worth Your Time and Money

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thank you for your support!

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So many classes to choose from!

Blogging classes are everywhere! You can’t escape the marketing and emails about all the different classes available. When I was getting started I had no idea what was actually worth the money and was so afraid to waste both my money and my time.

There are so few hours in the day to spend on my own projects. I wanted to know if a class was worth my time before I spent my hard earned money on it. It is so important to invest in learning and I am almost always taking a course or reading an ebook on the part of blogging I am currently focusing on.

There are so many reviews online but I never knew who was a trustworthy reviewer and who was just in it as an affiliate and had not even taken the course. I have probably taken almost three times this many classes and was very picky what I included on this list. Some of these I am an affiliate for but I am only recommending them if they are truly one of my favorites.

Finally a list of blogging courses that won't waste my time or money! These all come highly recommended. Make sure to pin this to refer to later!

Getting Started

Building a Framework – Abby LawsonBuilding a Framework

This is an ebook that covers all you need to know to start a blog in WordPress the right way.

This was my favorite resource when I was first getting started with my blog. There are so many things to learn as an online entrepreneur and Abby gives such a thorough overview of everything. I read through the book twice in order to absorb as much as possible. Abby is just about to launch a brand new version that is packed with even more information!

Lena Gott Blog Traffic eBookTraffic Transformation – Lena Gott

This course covers getting traffic to your blog.

Lena is a rock star when it comes to getting traffic! This course goes over 17 different strategies that she used to gain traffic to her blog. Some are what you would expect and some are things I had never heard of but she gives you step by step directions to implement them on your own blog. You can also read my interview with Lena to find out more about her.

Understanding WordPress – Grayson Bell

How to use WordPress for beginners.

Grayson Bell teaches this awesome free class on what you need to know to get your WordPress blog up and running. Grayson is very knowledgeable about WordPress and I have hired him a few times to help me with issues. His rates are unbeatable! If you are starting out and don’t know WordPress at all this is the course for you.

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Taking the Next Step

Sticky Blogging SEO – Kelly Holmes

How to write and attract your true fans.

I am taking this class right now and the information is amazing! Kelly is a wonderful writer who shares her tips on creating blog posts that turn readers into fans. Her advice is simple and actionable but makes a big difference. Her class only opens at certain times so make sure you sign up for her mailing list.

10 Blogging Courses that are worth your time and money!

Social Media

Pinaffiliate Masterclass – Addi Ganley

This course focuses on using Pinterest and Affiliate Marketing to make money.

I’m currently taking this class too. It is a great class to take slowly because there are so many steps! I am taking my time and really trying to implement everything. I have been focusing on group boards as part of the first section and already been added to almost a dozen new boards this month. I’ve looked through the other sections and can’t wait to get everything done.

Strategies Worth Sharing – Brittney AnnStrategies Worth Sharing

How to build your Facebook business page organically.

This is an ebook that I have not finished yet since I decided to focus on Pinterest more. It looks like some great content though, I have looked through it and am impressed with the content. I am hoping to get this course finished this spring when I have Pinterest working better for me. Brittney Ann has grown her Facebook page likes from 2000 to over 100,000 in five months so she obviously knows what she is talking about!

Email Marketing

Email Lists Simplified and Opt-In Blueprint – Meera Kothand

How to use email marketing for the beginner.

Meera is amazing at email marketing and creating opt-ins. Check out the interview she did on my blog! I make sure to read Meera’s every blog post, they are often epic and a bit overwhelming because she shares so much information. This class is no exception! She shares how to create an email list, opt-ins, sequences and a plan for it all. I am in awe of her!

List Love – Jennifer Maker

This is the class that took my list from under 1000 subscribers to over 5000 in a few short months. Jennifer is a pretty amazing blogger with a great understanding of what readers really want. If you’ve started a list but are struggling to grow it, this class will walk you through Jennifer’s approach at using a Resource Library and opt-ins that speak to your readers.

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Blog Monetization

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

How to use Affiliate Marketing to make money from your blog.

You can read my review of the class on How to Rock Affiliate Marketing. Michelle makes over $100,000 a month! She knows her stuff and shares her entire strategy in this course. This course also includes a Facebook group that is very active and includes some very knowledgeable people. If you get this course don’t miss the video bonuses from Rosemarie Groaner. She shares her Pinterest strategy and it has changed my entire approach to Pinterest.

Now I want to know what your favorite classes are! Leave me a comment on what I should take next.

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11 thoughts on “Blogging Classes That Are Actually Worth Your Time and Money”

  1. Great list! I’ve just got my blog up and running with the Blog by Number ecourse by Suzi Whitford. I’ve been so impressed! I’ll definitely look into these, too. Do you have any suggestions for ecourses that walk you step by step through creating ebooks and getting them up on your site for sell?

    1. I agree! I’ve bought so many courses that look great but don’t have to content once you get on the inside.

  2. Glad I came across this page, seems legit! From a fellow course taker, here’s my two cents on courses that aren’t worth the money and time:
    – Kristen’s Become a Pinterest VA ($700+)
    – Raelyn Tan’s courses / site audit ($700+)
    – Natalie Bacon’s courses ($200+)

    Once courses start to cost more than $300 or so, it’s not worth it, IMHO.

    1. I haven’t taken anything from Raelyn Tan or Natalie Bacon but I have friends who have done the Pinterest VA course and really loved it. What did you not like about it?

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