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The Essential List of Blogging Classes for Beginners

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Learn New Blogging Skills

Back when I first started blogging I was completely overwhelmed!

I remember clicking on a million pins on Pinterest trying to figure out what all the terms even meant. Affiliate marketing? Plugin? SEO???? It was like drinking from a fire hose.

I wished there was a way to know what I needed to learn and in what order. It was like I needed to know all the things, right this minute.

Luckily for me (and you!), I stuck with it and slowly worked my way through a ton of blogging classes.

This is my list of essential blogging classes for beginner bloggers. I’ve put them in the order they should be taken because they build upon each other.

If your a new blogger, just start at the top and work your way down. By the time you get through all these blogging classes, you’ll be an expert!

If you are not a blogger yet, check out my post on how to set up your blog for an easy guide to getting started.

This list of essential blogging courses will get your started on the path of an awesome blog! From setting up a blog, affiliate marketing, learning Pinterest and SEO, you'll find everything you need to learn right here. #blog #learntoblog #bloggingcourses

Just Keep Blogging Mentored Membership

If you are looking for a mentor, then I can NOT recommend Kim Anderson enough. She not only retired her husband with her blog, but she now coaches bloggers on their next steps for moving their blog forward. Joining Kim’s Mentored Membership means you get new lessons every month on a different aspect of blogging. Plus, the Facebook group is the most fun place on the internet!

Understanding WordPress

If you are looking for a WordPress Guru, then you have found it. Grayson Bell is THE WordPress GENIUS! Any technology issue I have ever had, I reach out to Grayson and he has the answer! He generously created this FREE course, Understanding WordPress, to help you navigate WordPress with ease. Seriously, don’t go another day without taking it!

Building a Framework

Want to start a blog but don’t know where to start? This is your answer. From technical help to email marketing to creating amazing content for your blog, this is a comprehensive course. There are 9 power-packed modules run by Abby and Donnie, a husband + wife duo that run Just a Girl and Her Blog full time!

List Love Course

List Love

This course is taught by Jennifer Maker at the Jennifer Maker Academy. Her amazing, very hands-on, and visual learning techniques will show you the power of growing a successful mailing list. Then, she dives in on how to nurture that email list every single week. What could your income be like if you had a loyal subscriber list that is always growing?

Sticky Blogging Masterclass and Sticky Blogging SEO

Kelly took her years as a writer and editor and created her own blog, Happy You, Happy Family. She then took all she knows about writing good content and SEO and created Sticky Blogging. Learn all her tricks to keep those readers coming back for more so they are “stuck” on your amazing content in her Sticky Blogging courses.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

This course is by Michelle of Making Sense of Cents. This is the cream of the crop course for learning how to make money using affiliate marketing. All the top bloggers I know, like Rosemarie Groner from the Busy Budgeter, have taken this course and attribute their growth in affiliate revenue to Michelle’s course. Personally, it finally answered the question on what the heck Affiliate Marketing even is!

Traffic Transformation

An amazing course on growing your traffic by leaps and bounds, taught by Lena Gott. Lena was tired of being tired from her lack of page views each month and was determined to find a way to increase her page views. Her strategy works and she turned it into a guide full of examples, statistics, and graphs!

Pinning Perfect

If you want a comprehensive course on how to master Pinterest, this is it. Melissa and Anna co-teach this course and they walk you through every step of the way to Pinterest success. Melissa actually works for Burt’s Bees and is in Pinterest Headquarters regularly, so she definitely knows her stuff! They also update the course regularly and have a closed group where they go live monthly with tons of information!

Lena Gott's Traffic Challenge

Adventures in SEO (to join the waitlist, sign up for the mini challenge)

Another course from Lena Gott, this one focuses on using SEO in both Pinterest and Google. This is an advanced level course that builds upon both basic SEO skills and Pinterest skills. You’ll want to have taken both Sticky SEO and Pinning Perfect before attempting this one.

Pin Practical Promotions

Monica from Redefining Mom can rock Pinterest promotions like it’s nobody’s business. So she created a course to teach you exactly how to promote pins on Pinterest without the worry of dreaded Pinterest algorithm changes. Plus, you can see ALL of her amazing Pinterest funnel strategies.

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