3 List Making Apps to Save You Time

List Making Apps to Save You Time

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Love Making Lists?

I make more To-do lists than the average person and am constantly writing lists on scraps of paper, in my planner, on sticky notes and in my phone.

I love to try new apps for making lists, but am often disappointed with the results.

Some of them have a very satisfying ding when you complete something, and some have great graphics or an easy interface, but there are not many that really combined everything in to a great package.

Here are a few I have used with pros and cons to them.

3 List Making Apps to save you time

Best List Making Apps


I find it’s visual format very useful. I can do a brain dump and then move things around into different cards very easily. The calendar power up is pretty great, such an awesome way to see what is due when, you can ever move things on the calendar and it changes the date on the card. I read a great blog post on how to use it to keep your Blog Editorial Calendar at Boho Berry.

Use Trello to making lists

One of the things I don’t like about Trello is that you can’t check tasks off. You can create a card with a checklist on it but cards themselves can’t be checked off. I love to feel the satisfaction of checking off tasks, I’ll even add things to my list just so I can check them off so this was disappointing to me. ‘


This was the app I used before Trello.  I like its satisfying ding when you finish a task, but I did not like the format. It seemed clunky and busy to look at because everything shows at once. It was convenient to use to have common lists with clients, I could be assigned tasks and due dates, then they would see when it was finished.  We could also communicate in the app if either of us had questions.

Wunderlist app

Week Plan

This app I discovered in the Chrome App store.  I liked the format, you see a weekly calendar at the top, plus have a few drag and drop lists on the bottom.  Some of the features I wanted were in the pro upgrade though, and I didn’t want to pay to make lists at this point.

The thing I liked least though was that it didn’t all fit on the screen at once. I had a hard time scrolling up and down when trying to plan things out.

Week Plan List App


This has become my most favorite of all the list making apps I have tried. I love how it is spreadsheet based, it just works with my brain.

You can create lists and make the columns different types of information, like URLs or checklists. The interface is intuitive, you can add attachments and links and any list can be shared with other people too.

Make lists in AirTable

Lists in AirTable

These have been my favorites so far. What is the best list making apps you have used?

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2 thoughts on “List Making Apps to Save You Time”

  1. I am all about the list making! I have lists for everything: blog posts, blog tasks, grocery shopping, packing for trips, etc etc. 90% of my lists are made with pen and paper but I’ve been trying to do more digitally. I use the Notes app on my iPhone and also started using Asana for the business. However, Trello looks nice too!

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